Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spelling Counts

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  1. WTF ?

  2. Anyone want to risk going to that website?

  3. If you have a gas grill, you might as well use an oven or stove. Charcoal, Baby!

  4. christopherlovet

    I’ve never been able to get charcoal to work. It burns for a minute, then dies. I get raw meat unless I stand there with lighter fluid, feeding the flame every minute.

  5. 1st one seems like it was done purposefully. No way anybody cares about their grill

  6. This annoys me a bit. In Canada we say we are going to barbecue something, an the rest of the world says “Hey stupid Canadians: barbecue is not a verb. You are going to grill something on your barbecue.”
    So why is no one saying “Hey you stupid American: Grill is not a noun. You are happy with your new Barbecue that you can grill on?”

    Just wondering.

  7. Hey, teeko. I don’t know which regions you’re talking about but in Texas, Barbeque is definitely a verb!

  8. Yeah teeko, that is true. I think the North American English is most flawed language on the planet.

  9. …and yeah it’s a verb. 😀

  10. Sweet! I take a lot of flack for that so I shall now say “Hey, if barbecuing is good enough for Texas and iforgot, it’s good enough for Canada!” 😉

  11. I was raised calling it a grill, as long as we all know what we’re talking about I guess it doesn’t matter though

  12. In New Zealand we grill on our bearbecue and barbecue on our grill. Because we are way cool. Cooler than Texas. Almost as cool as Canada. But that has more to do with snow than barbecue.

  13. That first piece of dribble was the most retarded thing I’ve read on here in a long time. Why must people attempt humour when it is obviously beyond them?

  14. I’m with you, bradles. Her attempt at humour was pathetic, but still less pathetic than the humour attempted on the actual show.

  15. she sounds like one of those chatty bitches with waaay too much fun-lovin’ enthusiasm.
    I don’t know any of those. I always seem to offend the ditzy cunts pretty quickly.
    it’s a knack.

  16. ^ really? i find that difficult to believe

  17. people are so touchy.

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  19. wtf, they deleted my post? there are some odd moderation standards round here.
    things that are OK:
    -hamptonernest type spam about working from home and making tons of money
    -novella sized rants about sexual molestation of: animals, women, men, boys, girls, the elderly, inanimate objects, …

    things that are not OK:
    -a link to amazon to a product that is germane to the conversation at hand.

  20. ^could you at least give us a fucking hint then?
    or a novella sized rant about sexual molestation of: animals, women, men, boys, girls, the elderly, inanimate objects if you’d prefer.

  21. just posted a link to a charcoal chimney you can use to get charcoal lit very quickly and ensure they stay lit (as a response to christopherlovet)

    not a very interesting post that is why i was baffled that is awaiting moderation.

  22. thank you

  23. -novella sized rants about sexual molestation of: animals, women, men, boys, girls, the elderly, inanimate objects, …

    heh. i blame capn and msanne for the majoroty of it

  24. fuck you. i’ve been good lately.
    fuck you, crusty. i make the effort and what acknowledgement do i get from you? nothing.
    i swear the magic has totally died.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Join the club MsAnneThrope,that should be the Lamebook tagline

    Welcome to Lamebook; Where the magic has died.

  26. *”…totally died.”

  27. The question is why did it die?

  28. why did it totally die?

  29. chaosinthebuilding

    Hey Teeko , dont worry in Australia we barbeque everything . on the bbq and when we hold a party in our back yards its called having a barbeque .. I didnt realise it was such a touchy subject for the rest of the world .. oh we also call flip flops (or jandels ) thongs which confuses the fuck out of anyone not from here and call our duvet’s ‘doona’s” But then we are all crazy down here ….

  30. oh yeah. totally crazy. doonas..!
    it doesn’t get any whackier than that, amirite?
    man, that shit is totes WILD.

  31. @29, I think most people refer to that sort of party as a barbeque. In addition, people in Oregon call flip-flops thongs, as well.

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