Thursday, April 5, 2012

Be Right There

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  1. BeboStunnah2kai12


  2. #kids

  3. Awe, young psychotic love.

  4. Amour fou.

  5. She can’t go for two minutes without him, but he can’t go for two minutes without checking his Facebook while on the can.

  6. Its called ‘Turdbooking’

  7. Yep…what he sees as cute and loving today he will soon realize is actually a big old batch of crazy bitch! She WILL burn his clothes or key his car or light herself on fire on his front lawn…you just know she will!

  8. And while she’s burning…he’ll be posting it on Facebook!

  9. Pooping? Aww 11 year old love.

  10. Possessive does not equal love

  11. *pleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreedpleasedon’tbreed*…..



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  13. Ugh, my brothers girlfriend is exactly like her. I hate her so much but it’s not like I can just hit her with a shovel so I put up with status’ like this and say nothing.

  14. ^yeah, that pretty much makes you an enabler.
    i’ll lend you my shovel if you want.

  15. That kid’s busy dealing with a stage 5 clinger. And I don’t mean the girl.

  16. That kid has gone to the loo, checked FB, replied and is STILL going to be 2 minutes….he’s constipated.

  17. ^ or just trying to get some alone time, while keeping the psycho clingy girlfriend happy via facebook

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    FurryRatsAss you apparently missed Gill’s joke. I also agree with Frankenstein.

  19. “Awe” and “aw” are two completely different things. Learn it.

  20. ^ another casual lamebook comments page editor strikes!
    yes yes we’re all reallly impressed you know the difference…you clever person you…

  21. That’s cute Shaydie. it’s awww-inspiring.

  22. It is quite awsome.

  23. Awww. Msanne knows how to copy pasta. How cute. Do you also hot key your way to a new tab when you’re looking up tranny porn when your abusive father walks into your room ?

  24. I too know how to copy pasta. At first I just tried putting packets of spaghetti in the photocopier but then I discovered the secret.
    But I’m not telling you.

  25. jesus flamsie. we taught you that term months ago. is this the first time you’ve been confident enough to shoe-horn it awkwardly into one of your little comments?
    that’s cute.

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