Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Corporate Comedy

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  1. Idislikescenekids

    What i would give for a fridge full of jelly…

  2. fuck yeah! a fridge full of light beer. I can invite all of my friend over and we can not get pissed

  3. Idislikescenekids

    Could i have my fridge filled with all three?

  4. butterscotchcandy

    I have a lot of Coors Light in my fridge, but I just call it water.

  5. Time to rape chinchillas

  6. “Frankly, over here we find that your American beer is a little like making love in a canoe. It’s fucking close to water.”

  7. I love jelly

  8. Nice one @ beccharles

  9. And @ 5 ?

  10. ^it’s code for gobbling penis. That’s why it looks so out of place.

  11. For fuck’s sake someone teach the Americans a new joke!

    ‘Foreign food makes me poop funny, hurr durr’. Jesus Christ…

  12. ^ Yes, because All American Chili dogs are foreign to Americans….

  13. Hey Chuco, suck my dick for me there’s a good boy

  14. No thanks. Do you turn gay every time you’re called out on being illiterate? That’s a weird reaction.

  15. ‘Gonzos do the darndest things’, huh, Chucho?

    By the way, illiteracy is an inability to read and write. You’ve obviously confused yourself there. But I imagine that tends to happen when your mother/caseworker/abuser lets you use a computer.

  16. MsAnneThrope, Coors Light is 4.2% alc content. That’s enough to get you pissed. You just won’t enjoy it. Cos it tastes like piss.

    VB is only 4.6%.

  17. Gonzo, you referred to Taco Bell and All American Chili Dogs as “foreign food.” That tells me something might be amiss with your reading skills…

  18. Kristopher’s comment has been removed.

  19. @CHUCHO, lack of comprehension != illiteracy I think was Gonzo’s point, but ….

  20. ^ Er, well…umm…ahem.

    I do love Hunter S. Thompson.

  21. and I love Jim Henson.

  22. And I love myself. Super Narcissist Man away!

  23. 4.2% ….you’re doing it wrong.

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