Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dastardly Dave

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  1. That would be a funny sight to see. Decapitated Dave FTW.

  2. another4chanJoke

    oh look. another 3 year old 4chan joke as status. lets celebrate!

  3. be the change you want to be.

  4. Idislikescenekids

    Doesnt that sound like fun.

  5. another 4chan joke. ha ha

  6. what’s a 4chan?

  7. This guy plans ahead.

  8. 4 Chan is the theory that 4 Chinese people came up with the joke than told their children about it, who than gang banged an orphan and told him the joke afterward. Just before the orphan dies he is to tell that joke to another orphan who spreads it (and his AIDS) to as many people as possible. Fun Right! That’s why so many people know about it.

  9. this is a stolen Doug Stanhope joke. Though 4chan pretends comedian’s shit is theirs all the time. If they were funny themselves they wouldn’t be on 4chan. Or virgins.

  10. ^What’s it like being a coon?

  11. ^ nuts

  12. Thank you rocky! People should give credit where credit is due.

  13. The comments here are. . .
    *puts on sunglasses*
    . . . getting a little cheesy

  14. well choose someone at random and insult the fuck out of them, then.
    that generally kicks shit off nicely.

  15. ^ you bunny-eared, psycho sarcastic piece of dried up dogturd!
    *puts fists up*
    come at me, bro

  16. /removes earrings
    Yeah? You want a piece of this, you rotted-crotch ho-bag??!

  17. you heard me ya scrag, think i’ma scared ‘o you!!??
    *bounces around*

  18. /fills plastic wading-pool up with jelly…..

  19. I find the fact that you are able to dispense that much jelly disturbing, Ms.

  20. by ‘disturbing’ you mean ‘insanely fucking erotic’, right? And will enthusiastically part with $50 entry (4 drink minimum)? RIGHT?

  21. Are you suggesting I, ummm…errr, pay to drink your…jelly? Perhaps there is a better suitor around here willing to take up such an arduous task?

  22. holy fuck. did that get lost in translation, or what?


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