Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can’t Take That Away

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  1. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever

  2. Brian was the fat kid next door that taught Steeeeever how to felate. Stever later honed those skills on stray dogs and later, homeless men.

  3. you should probably off yourself.

  4. my Aunty Brianna got an almost new red Jeep Cherokee
    SUV from only working part time on a computer… go to this website…..

  5. Looks like somebody is in love.

  6. I’m in love with Aunty Brianna.

  7. ^That’s hot

  8. Eeeerghhhaaaa Brians I want to eat Brians!

  9. HAHA! It’s funny because Americans don’t have Brains, the media spoon fed, mentally challenged, self absorbed, gun toting fuck wits.

    Yeah, Yeah. Go cry into your poorly thought out and ill executed educational programme you twats.

  10. ^it’s funny because you wrote programme
    I can’t take you seriously.
    now go back to your fish & chips before we go 1776 on you.

  11. He named the tumor on his neck “Brian”?

  12. Perhaps OP was Stewie Griffin? That would explain a lot…and would make it a LOT less stupid.

  13. Perfectly fine statement if he/she has a boyfriend named Brian. Why assume otherwise?

  14. craven Programme is the correct spelling you docile, ill educated, puddle drinking fuckwit.

    1776.. Wasn’t that the last war your lot won? Big mouths and small cocks, that’s the American Dream.

  15. ^cumguzzler, I mean Imamofo
    We won a few wars after that you flatlined fuck. If fact, two little wars called WWI and WWII helped Britian from becoming Germany. You pansie-assed pale fucks couldn’t save yourselves from toe fungus outbreak, let alone another nation invading. Enjoy your chips.

  16. What years did those two wars start in? 1914 and 1939. When did you heroes decide to join in? 1916 and 1941. Nice. (Britain not Britian)

  17. BorderlineDane

    Brian is awesome. We should all have a Brian.. lets watch life of Brian

  18. Brian escaped and became Brianna because he felt stifled and wanted a nearly new SUV.

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