Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Luck

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  2. Bring_back_fingering

    A rare occurrence these days S-dog

  3. How to tell if a guy is right for you: If his name is half a fish, move on.

  4. That’s not entirely fair. What if she’s been drinking whiskey and pulling bucket bongs for 10 hours straight? She mightn’t be the top of her game re:critical thinking, but that don’t mean she isn’t a keeper, ffs.

  5. Paranoid Android72

    If she’s been drinking whiskey and pulling bucket bongs for 10 hours straight, she is most definitely a keeper, or is that a kipper? I forget. Pass the Dutchie.

  6. thatbitchdownthestreet

    About 10 years ago my nephew was having a party and his girlfriend lost her cell phone. She called it from the house phone and found it. With the house phone in one hand and her cell phone in the other she asked “Who the hell is this, does anyone recognize this number?”.. Really, I watched that happen. I will never forget it.

  7. It saddens me that this probably works.

  8. #6, please tell me they are now married and have several retarded children. There just isn’t enough dickheadedness in our world. We need more idiots.

  9. Fuck. Now I’m depressed.

  10. what if she has gigantic jugs?

  11. odoyle, do your parents know you’re on their computer?

  12. Dumb chicks are great. Who else is gonna put out for me?

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh yeah, dumb sheilas are a far better root. Maybe it’s because they are too dim to think of anything else while you are diddling them…

    I HATE it when you are using your best moves and they start talking about some cock-witheringly boring topic that has nothing to do with pulling out and spurting on their face…

  14. Ha Ha Jenny

  15. Bring_back_fingering, I know it’s been a while, and I am equally as disappointed as all of you guys… I’ve been busy lately; but will continue to make random appearances occaisionally to brighten the week for you guys with my witty comments and presence.

  16. I find it disconcerting when Steeever employs fully formed sentences. It conflicts with my vision of him as Timmy from South Park.

  17. Steeeever was laped. That’s his carer commenting on his behalf.

  18. slicingupeyeballs, if a chick is making small-talk during sex that generally means you are crap at turning her on. She’s clearly not in the zone there.
    Try more foreplay – or a ball-gag.

  19. ^^^^ You mean foreplay and a ball-gag aren’t the same thing???

  20. Several email programs allow you to send texts, all you have to know is the service provider for the recipient’s phone.

    So, that makes Mahi the one who doesn’t deserve the woman smart enough to know that.

  21. #19, nah…yeah. i guess after 10 hours of pulling cones and excessive alcohol consumption you should totally be forgiven for thinking they look the same.

  22. Speaking of which, happy birthday, MsAnne. Here’s to an excess of cones and alcohol consumption. The midget amputee hooker should be there any minute.

  23. they’re not usually amputees until after they arrive.
    Hooray for me spending the day getting totalled!

  24. It’s all good. I was told this one still has a couple of limbs left…

  25. ^ how about I spray honey on your cunnt and lick it off?

  26. Spray honey? Thank you for confirming you’ve never actually been with a woman or been in a supermarket. Get out of the basement for the day-your mom probably needs to vacuum anyway.

  27. I once lost my cellphone and asked my girlfriend to call it. She did, my cellphone rang, and thus I found it. What’s the problem? FAIL advice.

  28. So…ap. How did you text her with that request?

  29. @Bacchante I have two cellphones. Problem?

  30. Why do people with a simple explanation not give it in the first place?

  31. so if you had 2 cellphones why not use one to ring the one you had lost?

  32. Because he forgot his own number perhaps?

  33. Look, he wants his girlfriend to call it, alright?
    Don’t question his ‘logic’.

  34. Word. And don’t question the existence of his ‘girlfriend’ either. Pull too many strings and the whole shitfight starts to unravel like a house of cards.

  35. Who the fuck needs 2 cell phones?

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