Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Missing Something

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  1. Sounds like Sarah does not want Italian.

  2. Sarah can’t take a compliment.

  3. I like how everyone on their FB can read this.

  4. This post sounds like something Steeveerrrr would tell his woman.

  5. ^Are you sure it would be a woman?

  6. Sarah, you’re only reinforcing his point. Step away from the keyboard and grab yourself some chocolate.

  7. People who complain about someone not having a sense of humor are usually just not funny.

  8. Personally, I am in the mode for some homemade sauce. :-p

  9. Fucking stupid. Alfredo should not be used as a marinade.

  10. Yeah, who marinades things in alfredo?

  11. We bet you are Cindy. Whore…..

  12. Hey Sarah, your boyfriend doesn’t know the difference between the verb ‘marinate’ and the noun ‘marinade.’ Also, when you’re having a shit day, he tells everyone about it on facebook. Yep, he’s a winner.

  13. Cindy, come over to myspace and let me twitter my google till it tumblrs over your facebook.

  14. A smart man brings his woman chocolate, gives her backrubs, and cooks her food. That is how you turn PMS week into occasional BJ week. Just don’t ask for or imply you want a BJ keep up with the caring and it will take care of itself.

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