Friday, September 13, 2019

Too Slow And Steady

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  1. Wow. OP seems like a bit of a bitch.

  2. I would go out of my way to go to this check stand. And it’s obvious why they go together. They hang out together in the same aisle, they shouldn’t be separated. OP needs more fun in her life.

  3. I’m with you guys. What kind of idiot doesn’t know why granola bars and fruit snacks go together? Also, that cashier sounds rad and this person sounds like a dickface. I would look for this cashier every time.

  4. The Beast Among Us

    Yeah, this is the kind of checker that makes shopping worth it. I’d seek her out and wait in line just for entertainment.

    Fruit and granola go together very nicely, and should often be eaten together. However, they are not in the same aisle. Fruit is in the Produce section, and granola is usually in the cereal aisle, or sometimes in the snack aisle.

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