Monday, September 19, 2016

Support Gay Rights

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  1. Pardon me, but..I’m pretty sure that there are at least SOME atheists, and possibly even some Satanists that aren’t pro gay rights..maybe even on an anti-gay
    Standing, themselves would you be offending regarding them? Even children of gay couples who have NOT BEEN RAISED going to church know it’s wrong. Explain.

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  3. You would be PRETTY hard pressed to find any Atheists who are not pro-gay, based simply on the fact that this pisses off theists, if nothing else.

    Also, the vast majority of Atheists are humanists, so civil rights would be high on their agenda.

    I have no idea why you mentioned Satanists, as Satanists have little to do with, or participation with Atheists, who deny all gods. Satanists, if the name does not give it away, are Bible based.

    As far as children of gay couples, again, you would be hard pressed to come up with any who “think it’s wrong,” unless you are speaking of the handful out of the millions who have converted to Christianity and have been told it is wrong.

    Basically, your argument is invalid on numerous levels, as theistic arguments always are.

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