Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

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  1. BEN!

    Fucking a man!

  2. Nana be nasty…

  3. Ha, because Americans are all fat and the Qu-ran burning is topical.

  4. It’s funny, but saying mate makes it kind of gay.

  5. SUCK IT BEN! STEEEEEEVERRRRR IS BACK (I know you all missed me)

  6. Aww, Nana, it is so apparent that we are family.

  7. Steeeeeeeeever! Whenever I read your name, I hear it in the voice of that robot from the Pixar movie.

  8. Lower drinking age? Lol, God thank that I live in Europe, where booze & drugs are easier to purchase than cigarettes.

  9. Wow, these are so ironic.

  10. Get it NANA!

  11. Irony at it’s best, eh?

  12. We are all fat, Hobes. I mean, look at me. I look like a Blue Whale. All the models and celebs here are photo shopped to look thin. I guess this is me taking slight offense at grouping us all into one, but Lacey’s a pheasant.

  13. If America is going to continue to enjoy our role as the schoolyard bully we are going to have to learn to suck it up when other countries take delight in our misfortune.

  14. Eh…you have a point. I have a tendency to get on the defensive too quickly. I’ll go back to my cave.

  15. Nah, your posts are great Keona. I just can’t resist poking fun at America myself, since I’m a fat American. *pokes belly* Hehe!

  16. It is still true that not all Americans are fat, just because a higher percentage are than in many other countries.
    Although part of this has to do with how the government calculates ‘overweight,’ if I understand correctly they use a fairly outdated method.

  17. They calculate anything over celebrities and models to be overweight, if I understand it right.

    Wednesday, I currently weigh too much as well. But I’ve completely 360’d my diet to only fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats (no, not you mad2, shush) and joined a gym. Lost 4 lbs so far.

  18. @mad2physicist – the way they do it is that they get everyone in the country to jump up in the air, they then weight the countries land mass.

    They then weigh it again with everyone stood on terra firma and deduct the original result against this one = total weight of America.

    They then divide this by the number of people in the country (307,006,550) to get the average weight of a person. Then they go out on the streets and weight 10 people – if more than 5 weigh more than the average, then the country is fat.

    70% of the time, this method works every time.

  19. and whenever you see the word “weight” I mean – “weigh” d’oh!

  20. Lmao, DukeGuy. You should be a comedian.

  21. Obviously not me Keona, we’ve been over my non-cheating policy before.
    Duke, that sounds like quite the method for obesity studies.

  22. Just another one of my lame jokes. Haha.

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Every guy needs to experience a toothless blow job before they die.

  24. I’m sure there are elderly prostitutes somewhere..just ask them to take out their dentures. You know, toothless makes for extra self-lube from the mouth.

  25. @Dukey
    Anchorman ftw!

    You mean 180’d right?

  26. Yeah, I did. Now I look like a giant twat head. No wonder I did so poorly in math. Damn you radius and circumference…and angles.

  27. Degrees are for idiots and engineers. Radians are where it is at!

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lexluther I have never seen Anchorman before, I’m guessing someone said the same thing I just said?

    My inner geek laughed at #27

  29. Well, it is called the world’s oldest profession.

  30. Toothless anything… puke.

  31. I think I should point out on a non-funny note that Seven Years Behind is the page for my band XD


  32. Whoa, Nana! You’re a freaky granny or your FB got hijacked.

    Lacey is totally right. That was funny, sad, AND true. (Fat American non-bigoted person speaking here btw.)

    Hannah and Olivia … self-explanatory fail. Not really much else to say about either of them.

  33. @Dukey, if toothless fellatio is anything like toothless cunnilingus then it’s not much to celebrate. Ask me how I know. *le sigh* Well, I’m sure it’s gotta be way better. But no way I’ll ever know though! LOL

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Cunnilingus requires teeth (When done properly) Blow jobs never require teeth.
    I had a girl once who (bless her soul)couldn’t ever not use her teeth I had to teach her how to cover her teeth with her lips and then moisten her lips before a blow job, this is as close to toothless as you can probably get.

  35. Dukey, Really? I always thought that the occasional light grazing with the teeth was quite pleasurable. However, biting and chewing are definitely out.

  36. Noooo i’m ill and just discovered the sex talk. can’t be doing with sex talk – i dont have the energy to be horny. I was thinking the same as you though Pedantic – each to their own though I suppose.

  37. I think Dukey just REALLY loved his grandma


  38. anit funy

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