Friday, August 24, 2012

Wins for the Weekend Part 2

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  1. So they can spell.

  2. If anything smoking weed the first day solo on a new job would make me a little more nervous…guess it’s different for everyone. Anyway, when I first saw the douche-bags name, all I could help but think was, “Dhat Ass!” I’m not the only one that saw that am I?

  3. the only thing wrong about getting baked before starting a new job would be when you start to straighten up and you don’t have an re-ups on you, because the only bud you can get is so fucking stinky you can smell it from across the room, and so you can’t leave the house with it.

  4. mmmm I love it when you have to wrap it in 15 bags of coffee to hide the smell.

  5. Am I the only lamebooker who doesn’t smoke weed?

  6. Being a cook and getting the munchies must be so awesome.

    Damn, I think it’s time for a career change.

  7. Crusty’s talking about his herpes again.

  8. ^let it go. you only look ugly and desperate.
    and like someone who doesn’t know very much about common STIs.

  9. In the words of Bob Dylan – fuck off.

  10. MsAnneThrope if only they know what your nickname means…. 🙂

  11. I call racism

  12. @10 Hush, little one. Don’t tell. A few of us here giggle ’til we pee ourselves, every time we sign in, over the fact that there’s no way anyone else will ever know. By the way, I love your ‘nickname’; half goat, half nitwit.

  13. those racist animals!

  14. I don’t smoke either…

  15. ^bullshit. you smoke cock.

  16. He said dolo instead of solo, that’s where he went wrong. Why didn’t he just admit that. Fucking stupid COCK SUCKER!! FUCK YOU YOU ARE ALL COCK SUCKERS. I HATE YOU ALL. FUCK OFF AND DIE!

  17. ^ Seek help.

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