Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morning Quickies

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  1. Brian’s is another rip off from TFLN. Way to be original.

  2. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ randomuser: I have classes on Good Friday.
    Thinking about skipping it in order to make church actually. So not all schools/colleges/universities close on religious holidays in the US.

  3. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Also, how are some people’s names in blue?

  4. We’ve been through this before Monkey.
    The bold type means they’re are bashing the keys really hard, and the other type means they’re squeezing the life out of the keyboard causing cyanosis, hence the blue hue.
    Got it now?

  5. Lmao @ cyanosis. It’s either that or lack of oxygen to the brain.

    I am going to have to disagree with Peter. I’m thinking he hasn’t had an experienced woman help him with that one or else that comment would not of been made.

    I agree with what everybody else is saying about Your Majesty. She probably COULDN’T finish for the simple fact that she was laughing to hard. If not, she needs to lighten up a little bit and “Just Say No” and forget it was even said. I had an ex that used to refer to “him” as Thor or even Conan, which was a little weird. Which I’m no horse by any means, nor am I a pencil either. The weirdest part though is when she wanted me to act like I was her dad. Now THAT is a mood killer. Not to mention a good way to end a relationship! I prefer spanking and hair pulling myself. But to each their own I guess.

    But one thing I am curious about. If the guy didn’t shake directly on them, HOW IN THE HELL did it get in her eye? I think this is a loaded question I shouldn’t ask though.

  6. “Your majesty” made me laugh, and then kind of shudder.

    flashbacks of when some guy asked me to call him master.. that too ruins the mood, when the guy is smaller than you.

  7. If it were me, I would of been laughing hysterically as I called him masterbater cause that is what he would of been doing after that.

    I’m afraid I may have started something here.

  8. Dante should be more ashamed of using “ya’ll” in his status.

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