Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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  1. This is real.

    Maybe you should have invited Sam on holiday, Eleanor, you fucking twat. Maybe you’re letting yourself turn into a complete fat ass and won’t take care of yourself, and though Sam has begged and pleaded with you to stop eating small children for snacks, you won’t listen and instead are going all feminist on him saying, “don’t tell me what to do!” And you’re also a complete bitch, as most fat asses are.
    But I’m sure Sam was completely to blame. Bitch.

  2. Oh look, perfect opportunities to use the phrase “that awkward moment when” and none of them did. I think society is finally recovering.

  3. Nails sounds like he must get a lot of women and is not at all sexually frustrated.

  4. Nah, I’m past that stage, assclown.
    Question: Are you going to start trolling me now because I hate you?

  5. #1, maybe she should have offered him that opportunity for a threesome that he’s been wanting…what an uptight cunt…should have just thrown a clothing optional party…would been fucktons of more fun for all to be had, eh?

  6. Nails. You are awesome. I’m guessing you know them IRL.

  7. Nails = Sam

  8. Yeah, cheating on people is still wrong.

  9. Skicrazyray = frodo

  10. #8 Says fucking who? Nails is right, the bitch should have invited him along…She practically gave him the go ahead to fuck around….She got to go explore for a few days, so did he, big fucking deal….in the end it’s really just another wet fucking hole to slip into.

  11. Sam, never mind your “awkward” comment. Count yourself lucky if that’s the only way she shames you.

  12. I fucking hate monogamy… I’m more a teak or oak type of guy.

    I know, I know.

  13. Thanks you, Capn.
    And fuck the lot of you; I would shoot myself in the fucking head if my name was Sam.

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