Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Raisin’ Hell

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  1. ben!

  2. they need to have a fathering mission on COD. that might be the only way to get to these guys who don’t like readin

  3. Whoa!
    These 2 are gonna produce a very intelligent and gifted baby, no doubt.

  4. In Theo’s defense I must say I’m afraid of raisin kids as well. *shudder*

  5. wrinkly, dried out little fuckers.

  6. Somehow I figured out he didn’t like readin before I got to his last post.

  7. This is our future…..

    Kill me now

  8. In the days of yore, a young woman such as Jacey might have kept a journal of private thoughts and concerns. Now her innermost feelings can be entered into Facebook for posterity (and everyone who friend’s her) sake. Yay for progess.

  9. Wow. This sounds like my mates. They did have this issue, just minus the FB status. Keep a journal Jacey.

  10. He’s right. Raisin kids are terrifying

  11. The only thing worse than raisin kids is prune kids.

  12. Um…

  13. Those California Raisin commercials in the 80s WERE pretty scary!

  14. lol, sounds like my baby’s daddy

  15. slicingupeyeballs

    From memory Dr Huxtable did address Theo’s dyslexia in one episode,

    should have tried harder there, Cliff…

  16. I concur; I’m scared of raisin kids too!

    Those little fuckers are all shriveled, and sticky. Plus people try to sneak them in on you on Halloween, even though everyone already knows that nobody likes ’em.

    Hey, wordy, how are things in your neck of the world? You staying dry?

  17. Oh damn, despite all the spelling mistakes I actually felt a bit sorry for Theo. In his defence those pregnancy classes are shite and he shouldn’t bother going to the next one anyway.

  18. I’m just a little damp Miss She, that’s all. 75% of the affected state (it’s a huge state) is underwater. It’s a mess.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Every single single mom just has to bitch about her baby daddy huh?

  20. … wish things were a mass, instead.

  21. Theo has no binuiss raisin kids

  22. I no bez ablez to spelz on fehsbuk

  23. Do raisin kids come from currant cunts?

  24. Fehsbuk haha love it!

    And those pre-natale classes really are crap!

  25. There’s no way that kid isn’t going to end up pumping gas.

  26. @Jelly: What decade are you in? Tell us the last time you went to a gas station that had “Full Service” as opposed to “Self Service”? There’s no way this kid will end up “pumping gas”, unless he/she is born in 1980. Or is born with a glittery time-machine.

  27. Please tell me you don’t honestly think that there aren’t any full service gas stations anymore? And that you’re aware not everyone lives in your little bubble?

  28. The entire state of New Jersey would like a word with you, smerkbich.

  29. And when you’re done there, Oregon would like to see you.

  30. I’m scared of sultana babies!

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