Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Burns…

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  1. i love Lisa !!

  2. The first and last ones are older than my grandpa’s buckskin condom.

  3. Kyle, funny boy.

  4. I don’t understand the third one 🙁

  5. me too, Bone 🙁

  6. i think the third one is that he said “will you hurt me” and apparently she read it as “I will hurt you”…idk its kind of a stretch

  7. Ok people, it’s a quote from a Culture Club song. Boy George. Culture Club.

    Unless you’re being intentionally dense on this and I just fell for it.

  8. I really don’t think they were being intentionally dense, they’re also probably 15.

  9. My daughter is 13 and she knows Culture Club.

    Hey, that’s good parenting 😀

  10. oh ok i get it. excuse me for not being a boy george fan

  11. I thought age might figure in, I was just worried I was falling for a set-up. *lol*

  12. @Douche,
    I think it IS a setup. Gal couldn’t have lined up such a great comeback without some collusion.

  13. Oh I realize the set-up in the post, I meant the set-up in the comments of not knowing who Culture Club was.

  14. I got the third one right away, I guess Im just showing my age.

  15. Oh and my thoughts are with all the people affected by the floods here. Especially the families of all those killed.
    Its very sad indeed.

    Yes its off topic but I dont care.

  16. I wish I didn’t know who Culture Club was/is.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You’d think Bryce would have more experience with seeing things coming. HEY OH! I miss HOBO too.

  18. NoLongerTroll, amen, brother. I second both your comments.

  19. I’m ashamed to say I also got the third one. And where is that Hobo these days? There have been Bieber and Twilight posts and still no Hobo. Word – you recovering well?

  20. Douchetastic is wallace 😉

  21. I’m Lisa. It wasn’t a set up. That’s why it was hilarious. Gal is my foreign friend who didn’t grow up with pop culture. His comment after that was “Even with my size and strength I am not capable of hurting you. You are a crazy american, the pepole who gave us Chuck norris.”

  22. I’m only 22 and I know who Culture Club…that song is like, common knowledge!

  23. Also, whether or not it was set up, it wasn’t remotely funny!

  24. Sometimes when I read these things, I wanna click the ‘like’ button myself.

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