Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Parental Perfection

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  1. Are you kidding me, CHAD???? I hope to High Heavens this sh!t is fake.

  2. When.did.full.stops.become.spaces?
    I would disown a kid called Skie so fair enough on that part

  3. bollywood_rocks83

    Chad,really? Who taught you punctuation? That teacher needs to be stripped of their certification.

    That being said,belle we don’t know the whole story. My ex was a screwed up bastard because his mum made sure through the help of the courts that he never saw his father until he was 18. Maybe the same thing happened here but Skie’s “fucken ass mother” would die before she owned up to keeping Chad away from her brats. It happens. All that rage coming from Chad may have a cause but he needs to take it out on his wife,not on his children.]

    Ms. Debbie, people in glass houses and all that…

  4. I don’t understand Cathy’s reference to “balls in the air crashing to the ground.” What does that mean?

  5. The reference is to juggling. Everything in her life is a “ball” that she has to keep in the air. Since she “missed” the parent-teacher ball, everything else is coming crashing down in the background.

  6. It means she’s been juggling and missed a step, so all the balls came crashing to the ground.

    I don’t get why hers is here. She had a common busy mom moment. Sounds like she’s been insanely busy and finally found a little time one afternoon to spend on something she’s been wanting to do for herself for ages, and just forgot about the conference. Heck, I’ve forgotten them even when I’m not busy and it’s written on every calendar in the house, and end up rushing there at the last second. While she may blame herself for it, the person who submitted it is the real asshole here.

  7. I second with belle837773

  8. I agree with Douchetastic.

    I hope Chad’s post is fake too…and Jared’s post…parents be nice to your kids on FB. I don’t have my son as “my friend”. He doesn’t need to know what I’m doing and vice versa.

  9. Chad is adouche. Wow.

  10. Is Chad talking to me?

    Debbie you cheating fucking bitch thats a massive clue.

  11. Chad is such. A fucken asshole of. a dad i hope it’s fake too but. Sadly i wouldn’t be two surprised. If hes not such a piece of shit

  12. And I thought I had father issues. Chad is a, shit.for.brains excuse for a dad speaking to his kid like that.

  13. Kudos to Chad for being honest. He tried for 20 years to teach them about the indifference of the world, but the “child” is still bawling about it.

  14. The first one was probably a sibling hacking into his mum’s account and having a go at his brother.

    The second one obviously wasn’t …

    The third one has absolutely no place there. Mums have loads of things to do and she can’t be blamed for wanting some time off and forgetting about the parent-teacher conference.

  15. i am not usually violent, but if i had a pan right now and chad was standing next to me, i’d hit his face so hard that he’d have to have his face rearranged by a surgeon.

  16. Chad self submitted and is on lame book as zebras.

    c/p from “Wake up”

    January 12th, 2011 at 3:29 am
    ohokay so people here have their own little office drama?
    no one’s really concerned about brandon’s perfectly descriptive visual masterpiece of the american dream? because goddamn do i wish i was kesha, doing lines of glitter nd coke off a baldwin brother, maybe two. but instead i’m here reading these even lamer ass comments about how two indviduals, who i’m assuming like to be called wordpervert and mass, arent communicating in the real world and how other people are frusterated and mildly conncerend about it. i mean at least enough to start a petition. am i right? i just came here for a giggle…….. but seems i got much more than that today. like i see that…..everyone here is just an asshole, and i kind of admire that. because being an asshole is what i do best.


  17. I am all for burning cheating bitches but, come on Chad, you are way over the line.
    You just don’t do that kind of crap anymore when you have children.

  18. Chad sure is.a good father.and great at.spelling. and grammar.

  19. This is entertaining.

  20. That is a tricky situation, Chad – glad you handled it like a mature and responsible adult.

  21. Way. to go Skie, just r.uin it for Jon why. don’t you. And the mom too… Chad obviously did.n’t wa.nt (her) kids (I he. was e.ver in the f.irst born’s life) an.d she still m.ade a s.econd one. with .hi.m.

  22. well fuck me, you figured me out!!!!

  23. Chad’s post started off so innocent, but quickly went to hell. If he hated his kids so much why befriend them on facebook. The daughter was a bit harsh by putting all that out there, but I’m sure she’s right, he only remembered Jon’s birthday because FB reminded him. He could’ve just manned up and said yes I’ve been a shitty father.

  24. Another day that makes me glad for the parents I had.

  25. Nobody can forcefully insert “fuck” into a sentence ruthlessly,wantonly, and rapishly like Chad can.

  26. something doesn’t make sense in the Chad post.

    he wishes his son a happy birthday… fine. then comes Skie who has a go at him for not trying to be a dad (well, I think he was trying just then !) and for not making any efforts to be in his children’s lives (well, it was a lame attempt but an attempt, still, right ?) and then she sounds hurt that he was not around and then she sounds glad that he wasn’t around and then she is hurt again… glad again… MAKE UP YOUR MIND !!!

    does she want him to get help or not to try and be a dad again ?

  27. ruty – woman’s prerogative. I wouldn’t try working it out.

  28. I think she was saying how when they/she were little, the father being a waste of flesh was painful, but now she couldn’t care less. I’m pretty sure any hurt she had has now been replaced by anger, she just kept thinking back and posted out of order. That’s how I see it.

    Cathy isn’t even remotely a shitty mom. It’s not like parent-teacher confs are important to the kids. She could have missed a ballet recital, or something, and that would have been worse. I know I hated PTC’s because of the trouble I caused in class. My mom missing one would’ve been the best thing ever!

  29. Holy shit. I actually know Skie. Don’t ask me about this family drama – she’s more of a friend of a friend, and I have no idea. I only figured out it was her because I’ve never seen anyone else spell it “Skie” so I checked out her Facebook to see if I was correct, haha.

  30. @rybart LOL you just made my day… for zebra…go screw yourself into a hole douchebag.

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