Wednesday, January 12, 2011

C’mon Shamone

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  1. Fucking a man.

  2. I would have ‘liked’ that status

  3. At first it was funny, “scream until my voice box shatters into a billion fucking pieces” and then…it just got sad…

  4. sucks to be her

  5. Trash

  6. Worst mom ever! This made me frown I hope it’s not real. If it is then I hope her voice box explodes into a billon fucking pieces.

  7. Jasmine, do you often hear voices screaming through your computer? That’s freaky.

    As for Shamone, I’m not even going to waste my breath.

  8. I love lamebook, everyone uses proper grammer and spelling here.
    It’s so good.

  9. Paint_my_nails_please

    I’m impressed that she’s concerned whether or not she can have coffee. Compared to the party down pregnancies that have been exhibited here.

  10. @8, it’s spelled “grammar”. Oh the irony.

  11. Well, someone learned the hard way to take their pills…

  12. Canary, she could be a great mom for all you know. Just because the pregnancy is ill-timed and disastrous doesn’t make her a bad mother. She’s wondering whether she can drink coffee; if she were a bad mother, she’d be getting drunk. The “worst mom ever” would be one that murders her children, and right behind her would be the legions of abusive mothers.

  13. Nah, she just *thinks* she’s pregnant. The moment her coochie start bleedin she’ll celebrate by doing it all over again

  14. Yeah she might be a brilliant mother, who knows. I just hope she remembers the guys name who did it with her.

  15. bollywood_rocks83

    Seriously, how wasted or how skanky can you be to not remember who you did it with? This is why I see the term “serial monogamist” as a badge of honour.

  16. What if she was raped and doesn’t know the guy?

    Far shot, but it’s a thought.

    Or maybe it was a drunken one-night-stand. Who knows?

  17. I guess you’re right. She could be a good mother. I was too quick to judge her. Seems like she has a good friend though…

  18. ok ok I will step forward.

    Sorry guys it’s my fault again, I pushed my instrument right up inside her and made a bell ring in her belly.

    Where’s that fucking coat hanger?

  19. If she’s that upset about maybe being pregnant- why would she keep? Imamofo- wrap it up:P

  20. Maybe she got raped at a party and that is why she doesn’t know who the father is? That happened to me once, and I’m thankful I didn’t get a disease or pregnant. I was at a friend’s party and the last thing I remember was holding a beer and talking. I woke up on the floor of a dark bedroom. Pretty horrible.

    @hpcan – she might not believe in abortion?

  21. Will the real slim shady please stand up?

  22. hey hey now, i didn’t say abortion… she could give the baby up for adoption too. Lots of options… and abortion is just one of them.
    Sorry for your awful experience crashburger.

  23. @21 that was friggin funny.

  24. ugh…it’s all fun and games until someone pulls out the rape card no?
    i mean this chick is the epitomy of human stupidity…you think if she gets pregnant without knowing what the guys name was…who he was…then she brags about it on facebook… inbetween now and the birth of this child she’s somehow going to transform into a capable mother…? i mean cmon.

    you know, it’s all good though because even doesn’t get an abortion, (shamone, if you’re reading this i highly suggest you aport it.) i’ll know we all somehow win….cause we’ll either get to see it on maury or read about it here.
    i mean, i know i have nothing better to do today….you?

  25. #20, no. not here, take it somewhere else.

  26. One thing I don’t understand. She doesn’t know the name of the babydaddy and she wants him to step forward. Well, if she doesn’t know who it is, then how should he know he’s the guy? It just doesn’t make sense..

  27. Shamone, Jesus, get a grip, bitch. You don’t even know if you’re actually pregnant. Get back to us when this shit is for realz.

    I’m liking some of the theories people are putting forward about what may have happened here, and why she may not know who the father is. Quite amusing. More than likely, she just screws around.

  28. @the rape theories
    That is fucking ridiculous. If I were raped and DID NOT KNOW WHO IT WAS, I would NOT in ANY WAY ask the father to “please step forward.”

  29. Maybe it’s a really fricking stupid rapist?
    They should make it a procedure in any and all crimes : Will the culprit please step forward. Never know

  30. Fucking whore!

  31. You guys are all up in arms about the possible pregnancy when I’m still trying to get over the fact that her parents must have been some massive Michael Jackson fan’s to name their kid Shamone

  32. #31 ftw

  33. Her confusion does not surprise me… a good rapist is always a man of many faces.

    Take me for instance, I am a Master of Disguise. You’d never be able to pick me out from a police lineup… Well you would, but only because my cock would still be hanging out.

    Apart from that one tell tale sign, you’d never be able to recognise me.

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