Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deep Thoughts

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  1. Wallllllllllllteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!

  2. One of the few using Status Shuffle but not smart enough to copy it to his profile in a lame attempt at making his friends think he’s clever. But seriously if we started posting Status Shuffle posts on lamebook we’d run out of space to hold them all.

  3. Please tell me “Saucy” is his real name…

  4. Elric, I came to a similar conclusion; It shouldn’t count if it’s blatantly labelled as being from Status Shuffle.

  5. Is the pink thing under Matt’s name the status shuffle?

  6. declan forgot: it’s where I go to see tatas n nunu.

  7. Declan forgot “and it goes down on me from time to time” unless he meant the internet is his wife

  8. Declan forgot “but it costs me more than my girlfreind did because it’s 39.99 per month plus my world of warcradt supscription”…

  9. Now all he needs is Myspace to make him a sandwich and he’ll be set.

  10. Ha, Ha, comments

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