Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. STEVER!

  2. LOSER!

  3. We’ve seen variations of the first and last HOW many times now?

  4. I love the rainbow curtains… very thugish

  5. #2 is funny! I can’t help laughing when people fall over. It’s great when it happens out in the street and they pretend nothing happened.

  6. Nothing beats a good fail…


  7. A table full of coke always makes me happy–but why is the dog’s face scrambled out?

  8. 1001awfulthings.com is a monumental fail.

    The second one looks like they meant to get a picture of the person falling, which makes it kind of silly to put it in “Background checks.”

  9. That’s a lot of coke. I like that Lamebook is protecting the dog’s identity too.

  10. @CurlyBap – I totally did that last night, fell flat on my arse on ice then jumped straight up & carried on like nothing happened, gave the 6 people at the bus stop a right laugh!:D

  11. Are those Care Bears curtains? Who doesn’t love the cute Care Bears! As for you and your stupid comment Louis – you’d be fucking lucky. And you’re ugly.

  12. I am pretty sure that guy stole that other guy’s skies. Then pushed that sucker to the ground and ran.

  13. @ anorexicpanda- hahahahahahahahahahaha! That’s EXACTLY what it looks like:)

  14. im confused about whats funny/lame about the first one. please don’t tell me it’s posted just because of their position in relation to a pulp fiction poster. please, please don’t tell me that.

  15. Yes, that’s why it’s posted. We’ve seen this before, but with a different bunch of bitches.

  16. Hooray for Hollywood.

  17. lol @ the dogs eyes blurred out.
    That’s one hellva lotta blow on that table.

  18. slicingupeyeballs

    Shame the shiela on the left in the first isn’t wearing the uniform short black skirt.

    Still looks rootable, but it ruins the Robert Palmer music video orgy fantasy…

  19. I hope she did all that coke by herself…

  20. @Mama2One Sorry but LOL! I don’t laugh much when it happens to me …. obviously! Ahh people watching, it’s one of my favourite hobbies.

  21. oh.. i thought the 3rd one was lame bc it looks like shes’s choking the dog.

  22. I think I know the coke fiend. It’s hard to say though, out here most girls look like that – all that changes is the hair color.

  23. I must be thick. I thought it was just the flash that was reflecting on the table in the third picture.

    Louis, fold your laundry and make your bed. Its never going to happen.

  24. $10 that Teddy is shanked into the corner.

  25. Has the first one been on here before. The last one is so common is it deliberate or are there really that many idiots out there? The falling one does look like the main focus of the picture so I agree, not really a background check.

    The coke one is funny.

  26. The coke one is hilarious. I only like the first one because it’s my brothers room. Gotta start hanging out with my brother more though….

  27. @gentalisman: Your comment made me lol

    I thought coke went out with the 70’s?

  28. No way. Coke is alive and kicking.

  29. #1 – Seen it before…somewhere…but it still makes me LOL when I see it. Personally, I would be honored to be executed by Vince and Jules! xP
    #2 – Bahahahaha!!!
    #3 – I need to find Jessica and make her my new friend.
    #4 – You obv. don’t have a girlfriend so it’s not her room. It’s either your kid’s room (I pray not) or your little sister’s. Either way, I’m laughing at your many failz.

  30. Nice to see that Louis is a good Christian. I wonder if he could ever tell a girl to “get out” without whining. Probably not. It’s so hard to be HARD.

    Coke dog funny. Bitches with Pulp not funny. Falling down always funny. Want to see more “hot girl self-portrait in bathroom with shit in toilet unnoticed” pictures.

  31. Louis is gangster in the same way that Steve Hawking on anti-depressants is.

    Jessica will later pass out on the sofa, with a little cheng ring around her right nostril. She’ll wake with the dogs cock up her and her ‘feeling caring sharing’ boyfriend wanking himself silly whilst filming it on his I-phone.

  32. Love that cokey and her bf or whomever have matching Burberry scarves. And yeah Louis, I’m pretty sure that if you somehow got a woman to your place to blow you, she’d leave upon seeing your decor.

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