Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jew Gotta be Kidding Me

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  1. STEVER!

  2. @Stever do you really just sit there until a new one is posted so you can write “STEVER!”

    Not judging, just wondering.. haha

  3. Its dedication my friend… stever needs his 15 seconds of fame 🙂

  4. What is best way to defend from Jew claw?





  6. 1. Oddly reminiscent of Gibson….I hope he called someone sugar tits or it was just a waste of time to bitch about a Jewish cop…the ginger’s, however, they’ll get ya.
    2. Or, you know, Hanukkah…but I guess that would have been asking someone to be familiar with something outside of what they believe. Which is generally a stretch.

    It’s finals week. I’m not easily amused…let’s blame that.

  7. Jerry, you know goalies rarely get hit against the boards, right?

  8. You were speeding… and he what? he GAVE YOU A SPEEDING TICKET?!

    That bass turd!

    It’s actually looking a lot like the end of Hanukkah, so technically Marin is correct without being an idiot who doesn’t know anything about other holidays.

  9. It’s still going though actually, they have a couple more days. That would work if it were already over…it’s not.

  10. Plus, this is probably/hopefully from some time in the past week or two (seeing as today is Tuesday and I am doubting it was submitted today, and while it’s Wednesday in Australia it says the picture was taken the day after on a Thursday which it isn’t Thursday anywhere. Unless I have it all wrong and she had on the wrong day of the week underwear and just mixed up the day for that reason). So since it was more likely taken within the past couple of weeks it wouldn’t have been Hanukkah yet (nor Christmas) and thus would have been “Looking Like Hanukkah” as well for the Jews.

  11. I sort of feel guilty for laughing at these.

    Ah, who the fuck am I kidding? These were great! There are some really BAD bigoted jokes out there but I can’t help laughing at ones that are fairly clever.

  12. Cops don’t have to pay tolls. If anything, he’d be slowed down paying the toll and the cop could fly through. I like racist jokes, but not illogical ones.

    (Maybe they do pay tolls. I am not a cop so I don’t know. It’s safe to show me your drugs.)

    I met Jesus and though of recruiting him to play on my hockey team and HOLY SHIT! GOD, HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL! Fuck playing hockey, I’m going to join a monastery and wait to die.

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