Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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  1. Inb4 fake.


  3. I thought the kid would start screaming “That guy’s Superman!”

  4. I thought the kid was a whiny little faggot, not to mention obv. fucking retarded…but that’s just *my* opinion 😀

  5. Someone give that kid a blow job!

  6. ^ Job’s yours, 9, since you’re willing to have sex with anything that moves…

    …and many things that don’t, as well.

  7. ^good one beatus…cuz, we ALL know “9” loves his little boys…fucking pedophile…lol….MS.! GET YOU GUN READY!

  8. Got it covered don’t worry. I called your mom to blow him. I offered to pay that slut but when she found out he’s retarded she said she’d do it for free. Reminds her of her own children.

  9. What’s a mom? I don’t have one of those.

  10. Can someone please track down this knobjockey’s fb page and tell that pissy little bitch he owes me a new keyboard. This one is now covered in vomit and it’s making my fingers all sticky.

  11. What’s payment?

  12. hmmfph? oh, I get it.
    it’s funny because there’s a retarded in it, right?

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  14. Well just toot your own horn a little why dontchya?

  15. What a pussy this guy is. “I’m an emotional guy so I was getting a little choked up”. That made me want to punch him in the throat.

  16. NateK, I have a lovely technicoloured keyboard I’m willing to part with.

  17. I hope it’s real, I thought it was beautiful. Fuck you guys.

  18. Hmmpff but when I turn up at a spazticle school dressed as Captain Spunkstench they call the police?!… fucking double standards.

  19. IF its real, this guy is such a tool, basically gets dressed up and does his hair to try to look like Superman every day of his life, just hoping some mentally challenged kid will mistake him for superman. Look at him in the photo too, he looks like such a douche, kid had to be severely disabled to think superman was this pussy

  20. Hipsters will be hipsters. Fucking douche.

  21. He walked by a disabled kid in the mall (or a mirror) and made up the rest in his head.

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