Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just Win

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  1. Why the fuck is this Giana bitch NOT here in the comments section pissing on peoples dreams?

  2. Because she’s a rusty twat. And of course I fucked her.

  3. Giana is a funny dame.

  4. She’d be way funner if her titties were hanging out, I mean, she’s already leaning forward just begging someone to go for a good old fashioned motor-boating.

  5. Lol leave to you to make someone’s humor dependent on their superficial attributes

  6. Fake.

  7. Yes T1000, every fucking thing on the planet is fakr

  8. Are you a flower boy are something, Nate dog? Titties are ALWAYS fun m8!

  9. ^omg get out the burn lotion!! Lol those most homophobic have been known to have an unannounced attraction to the same sex…

  10. Drake started YOLO? Anyone else know what she’s talking about?

  11. ^nope.
    but I believe we’ve moved onto discussing her breasts.

  12. like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link N ut t y R i c h dot c om

  13. #9 ya got me there rent boy…can I slap you in the face with my dick…I *really* want to…I’m getting so fucking hard thinking about you

  14. WTF is the last one even talking about? F it I don’t care.

  15. YOLO = you only live once… is the motto of yolo nigga ‘er day, ‘er day, fuck what an’body say…

    So her comment was a lame attempt at humor, insinuating that other people MUST have thought they had more than one life, before Drake taught them otherwise of course.

  16. I have no idea what Giana or Kenny are on about.

  17. Way to go, James, stealing from some of the best comedians on Twitter…

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