Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frankie’s Financial Opportunity

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  1. I wonder if this sort of approach has ever worked for this guy.

  2. If she actually took that pic of the titmouse then she is a much better photog than she is a comedian.

  3. What is the point of blurring out Joey’s last name in the convo but not in the title, no when she addresses him?

  4. Then again, google Joey Smith…

  5. I wish someone would pay me for a picture of my flat mantits….and here I am posting that shit up fer frees…lol..

  6. ha. Not bad! That works on the tit level as well as flying mantis pun. Do you need a business partner – I know where you can get one

  7. @#4, that still doesn’t answer the question #3 poses…I think the proper answer is that the people who is in charge of the blurring thing is complete idiots or drunk/high as shit or both.

  8. I want to see Frankie’s boobs. She insisted on wearing a shirt when I dropped it in her dumpster.

  9. Fake

  10. Dammit, 9, stop posting as #8. You’re messing with my OCD.

  11. ^You spellededed “whore” wrong…dick…

  12. Joey is a pathetic, dickless child. This must be 9‘s true persona.

  13. it seriously bothers me when dumb cunt bitches think they’re being witty through facebook messages. a simple “no” would suffice. and to know that she THEN turned around and sent it into lamebook, like “oh, look how funny i am!!!” makes me feel like i’m gonna puke.

  14. footlooseworm – yes, she is unfunny and obviously misguided. However, dumb cunt douches like Joey don’t deserve a simple “no”. They deserve to have their desperate virgin noses rubbed in that shit.

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  16. I think this is fake too

  17. Hey, teeko, I haven’t the slightest clue how I missed that. Of COURSE I could use a business partner, you set up the “dates” and whore me out to desperate lonely housewives and we can split the profits.

  18. You idiots don’t realize it’s fake?

    Picture of bird sent 2 minutes ago. Joey’s response sent 9 minutes ago.

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