Tuesday, June 12, 2012

People Who Find You on Facebook…

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  1. hows about the marketers that zuckerberg sold your details to?

  2. ^ You’re funny and winsome when you’re not being a c*nt!

    I paid you a compliment…

  3. It’s “cunt”, dear. Just cunt. Not cunt with an asterisk. Cunt full stop.

  4. ^some people blush and feel dirty when they say “cunt” outright…an asterisk is the only way of them feeling less ashamed 🙂

  5. I think you’re funny and winsome when you’re not being a cent as well.

  6. What about the percentage of people who find you because you submitted something to Lamebook and they failed at removing/redacting your name or info properly? There’s also that.

  7. I think they leave those kinds of things out of nifty little pie charts for a reason…They want people to keep making their info public to give fucks like me something to do.

  8. Where’s the percent of people who want to masturbate to your summer beach photos?

  9. This is real.

  10. @7 – Right on. Good point.
    @8 – That’s easy: 100% want to masturbate to my summer beach photos.

  11. ^yeah, cuz I totally fapped it to that roller derby chick before she got smart and took my ad-vice about talking “derby” to her and made her f/b profile private…and she thought I was “joking”…hehe…

  12. I recall it fondly, Capn.

  13. ^the girl, or me vigorously threatening her with a fappy good time?

  14. This picture must have been made by a very bitter person. How can you hate that many people? This guy must be some pussy-ass emo.

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  16. I like hats.

  17. I hate that many people.

  18. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I hate all people by default. I hate everyone equally though, so it’s nothing personal.

  19. Wow. How can you live like that?

  20. @13 Yes, Capn – both… the roller blade chick, right?

    @19 I’m sure it’s not that hard. As long as he knows he’s not you, life just sorta comes easy.

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