Friday, November 11, 2011

Brain Might Explode

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  1. What in the flying fuck happened to these people.

  2. Steph: 8/10

  3. 123 Fake street

  4. I almost raged, but they made it out to be way too stupid, so I’m hereby declaring this mega-ultra-fake.

  5. Haha at comment 3.
    I wrote that as my address on a survey Tuesday night.

  6. My brain hurts….

  7. Show me what Idiocracy looks like!
    This is what Idiocracy looks like!

  8. The gullible goose believes what shes seen again.

  9. Actually, I have met people as stupid as this.

  10. they’re joking. it’s a joke. it’s all just a funny joke between friends. I’d kill them if I could.

  11. At least it isn’t “einSTAIN” as quoted in a previous lamebook entry.

  12. Assuming I believed for one second that it wasn’t fake and went by Steph’s logic: What about the other planets, what do they revolve around? Or do they also stand still and their moons revolve around them? And the one without any moons? The asteroid and kuiper belts? Are they all just standing still? So many questions no answers… Oh maybe they all have their own sun! That makes sense, Thanks Steph!

  13. I don’t want to live in this planet anymore..

  14. Dear Lord, tell me this is fake. It’s 50/50 at the moment. If it is for real then please sterilize those people right now before they have a chance to further send the next generation straight to hell.

  15. I used to wonder what would happen first… would the sun burn out and the earth freeze over? Or would the earth be pulled closer and closer to sun until it burnt to a crisp. Then I read that the sun is an impatient bastard and it would actually get all huffy and expand and engulf the earth. Fuck, I never get anything right.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ignoring these idiots, what happened to this post? Did I miss a meltdown or another one where the poster showed up and talked shit?

  17. Dukey- You missed a MAJOR meltdown by the person who MADE the actual post. He posted like 30 posts in 10 minutes freaking out about how he “made everything up…she doesn’t have any diseases…omg omg omg I ruined her fucking life what the fuck have I done!?…. I’m trying to get ahold of Lamebook to take it down… I bought her a car and she didn’t take me back so I got mad and tried to get back at her… Dear god….someone help” So, in the middle of it all, this one guy was like “if what you say is true, that was a real shit move, bro” and the guy kept freaking out. Then out of nowhere this other guy was like “COME AT ME, BRO” and the guy who was freaking out was like “what??” I laughed SO F.UCKING HARD at that I thought I would die.

  18. I was wondering where the other post went too. I’m really sad I missed that meltdown, I usually check back enough to see the occasional drama. Damn. That’s a shame, because these other people in this actual post suck. They’re dumb as a shit.

  19. Hey, Smoothy, like you, I barely log into Lamebook these days, but yesterday I commented on that post about not getting the appeal of jizz facials. And talk about being in the right place at the right time, because straight after that, like Gill said, the dude who created the profile started commenting hard and fast. It was bloody beautiful. After I told him that what he did was very poor form, he just kept on raving like a lunatic. Honestly, though, I think that he was more concerned about possible ramifications to himself rather than about being sorry for the character assassination he’d performed on his ex. Anyhow, it was the best thing that’s happened on here since mb‘s lingerie meltdown. And just when it looked like it could’ve turned into a “one-armed girl” type situation, they went and took it down. Balls.

    I wonder if anyone got a screenshot of the comments…

  20. God damn it, I miss all the good stuff.

  21. lather.rinse.repeat

    You read my mind curlybap…

    I guess she took him back then.

  22. Long time stalker, first time commenter… but I was privileged enough to witness yesterday’s meltdown. And I just wanted to ask those who saw it… does anyone else have their doubts about the actual identity of ‘jerry1’? Sounds an awfully lot like ‘Jenny’ to me is all, and the way the story kept changing… perhaps Jenny felt the need to defend herself?

  23. Anti- Interesting take. It did seem strange, for sure. You would think you would just try to get ahold of Lamebook and keep the meltdown to yourself. However, I guess if you were panicking… I don’t know, it’s hard to say…

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Thanks for the recap Gill and Word. Sounds like the legit Word, all those impersonators were starting to get annoying.

    Just like Curly, seems like I always miss the good meltdowns (even when I get the ball rolling).

  25. On a positive note. I think Heinsteineken would make for a brilliant beer.

  26. g0d, it’s like feeding time at the fucking zoo in his thread.

    I <3 the zoo.

  27. Seemslike I missed all the drama too.

    It’s no fun when they keep taking good stuff down. This is why I’m hardly on. I hate opening the page and seeing puns, or cats instead of something more interesting 🙁

    bad job lamebook, bad job!

  28. Aw, great. That’ll teach me to miss work and not check lamebook on my days off.
    Now I’m sad 🙁

  29. @msannethrope-oh, I feel dirty, don’t worry. XD

  30. zhangoo is a dirty rotten spammer.

  31. O_____O

    Please tell me this is fake.

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