Monday, February 8, 2010

Colorful Comments

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  1. I put all my board games up in the attic… it’s all dusty and creepy up there. The Jenga doesn’t mind at all, however… the Boggle minds.

  2. @ #4Mercure 8#paquebot: Korea doesn’t exist, im gonna go ahead and assume you mean south korea since you’d pretty much get shot in NK.

    Also, everyone’s a little racist (you’d be weird not to be), and as they say admitting it is the first step to recovery.

  3. Why doesn’t everyone shut the Fuck up…you are all a bunch of sad losers..get a life and a sense of humour..

  4. haha exactly what I’d expect someone with the log in name “gaaaaaaAaaaay” would say. how old are you? 5?

  5. @xolouox: Noway, he’s 6.

  6. actually you guys i’m 4….

  7. ahh, it all makes sense now. isn’t it past your bedtime?

  8. ahhh no its 8am…..

  9. Dead Parade, it’s not about offending people. It’s about causing people undue harm. Racism is harmful. I get offended when people say U2 is a bunch of sell outs…but it’s not harmful to me. Racism is HARMFUL.

  10. Another racism debate. Ahh Lamebook, you naughty little shit stirrer!

  11. Wow. Um, why are we debating this again? The prejudice in post 17 and racism in post 25 are ironic.

    Also, Godwin’s Law!

  12. racism ftw!

  13. Boo-fucking-hoo. A race-related joke. It’s 2010, damnit. Get over it!
    There’s a little thing called freedom of speech, you know.

  14. i’m black and i laughed at the cotton field thing. i thought it was funny.

  15. Lmfao, Anne Frank.
    “Then who the fuck’s Anne Frank?”

  16. @slickjamesjik You’re right we don’t need all these PC police.

    I find it ridiculous how you can call racist people all sorts of names USING foul language. You say that racists are uncivilized? How about you learn to speak some proper English!

    @ Jaz Thank-you at least someone can see a bit of humor in it.

  17. I’m black, and I laughed at the cotton field thing too. Actually I’m black and spanish, and I love racist jokes, especially ones about my own cltures, because they sometimes ARE true, and that makes it even funnier.
    Honestly, white people are so concerned with being racist nowadays they won’t even describe someone as being black. It’s a JOKE, get over it!
    People like the Baptist chick are extreme, but the cotton field was obviously a joke, so it’s fine!

  18. I laughed at the last one.
    But the rest were pretty fucking racist. I love how there are idiots on here defending racism. Here’s an idea: How about all you racist redneck bumpkins go back to your trailers happily and safe from the race you don’t like, and when you see them in person become a scared little pansy bitch.

    Oh wait, that’s what all racists do already! My bad! Me so stupid.

  19. And @ActSingDance
    Is it not odd how whenever there is something offensive to blacks on the internet, a mob of random people randomly show up claiming that they’re black?
    And what makes it even more highlareeous is when they get the most offensive and claim that it’s funny! “I am black, and I love racist jokes against my kind! Especially when they’re ‘true’!”
    But I’m definitely not saying that you aren’t black and that you’re just a white person claiming to be black so that you can defend racism in a pseudo kind of way so that it seems socially acceptable, no…

  20. @Beanstalker

    I love how you verbally insult, look down on and discriminate against perceived internet racists and be so arrogant, elitist and disrepectful of other people, I love the irony, if you werent being ironic you’d just be a hypocritical fucktard but youu’re being ironic right… right?

  21. I thought these comments would be a lot funnier. The point of this site is to share a laugh, not argue about stupid bullshit

  22. I got a chuckle out of the farmville pic, and JayThe Slayer is acute, for pointing out that irony.

  23. JayTheSlayer read my mind.

  24. @Slickjamesjik

    i like norwegians. we would get along like a house on fire.


    i pissed myself laughing at your comment

  25. I’m a blond caucasian, good ‘blond’ and ‘cracker’ jokes are awesome. Can I get a ‘heil yeah’?

  26. Why would I fake being Black? It’s a fucking joke. Get over it.
    You must be very sensitive. In case you didn’t notice, racism is everywhere you go. So what if I just laugh at it because I thought it was funny. I love my race, and I’m proud to be black.
    Excuse me for not being offended by an overplayed joke. I really do apologize.

  27. Racism will exist until they get rid of the ethnic checkboxs on all forms.

  28. @52 7darkdays

    You’re correct that, as a singular political entity, Korea does not exist. However, as a singular geographical entity, it most certainly does exist. I hope you aren’t suggesting that North Korea and South Korea have completely different culinary styles that never overlap.

    At least the issue isn’t as messed up as it is with Australia! (Which can refer to three slightly different things – the island, nation, and ‘continent’ of Australia.)

    Also, not every foreigner who goes to North Korea gets shot. It’s even possible to take tours there; Baekdusan mountain in the north, Kumgang beach in the east, and the city of Kaesong in the south of North Korea all host international visitors.

  29. The guy who posted the farmville cotton field picture is on my friends list, he isn’t black. I was at a loss for words when I saw that picture on my newsfeed haha.

  30. @nashntth #77
    hahah. They’re actually considering that in my country. Wonder if it’ll really work.

    I’m just guessing, but those who are racist, area actually those who are the most afraid of getting butthurt.

  31. I miss the days when comments on Lamebook used to be funny, rather than tiresome debates about who is the most PC. Getting over-analytical about these posts is like dissecting a frog… nobody really cares, and the frog dies. Pls only comment if you have something funny to say – we come here to laugh.

  32. That last one was great. The others weren’t particularly amazing, but they were pretty funny 🙂

    as for all the comments, yeah.. Lighten the fuck up? I’ve used racist words before in a satirical manner, but jesus christ, I am in no way prejudiced towards people of a different race at all. If someone thought I was, I’d be doing my utmost to prove that I wasn’t.

  33. ActSingDance and Jaz….Good for you. Your particular race doesn’t get to decide whether I am offended or not.

  34. Penny Lane:
    I never tried to decide for you?
    I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

  35. Jaz…then mentioning your race was extraneous bullshit.

  36. @Dead_Parade and @nashntth FTW

    ….yeah, because black people just appear out of nowhere only when there is a racist comment. Newsflash, ethnicities of all kinds can read lamebook!

    everyone is being way too over sensitive. Of course I’m not promoting racism. But if a joke is funny, then it’s funny. Ever seen MadTV’s parody of Survivor: Cook Islands? About the funniest thing ever. YouTube that shit, and tell me you didn’t laugh

  37. and @PennyLane…I’m sorry, are you a certain ethnicity that was offended? or are you white and being offended “for” the other races?

  38. I realise I am invoking Godwin’s Law here…but ActSingDance, you’re not Jewish so using your logic you’re totally fine with the Holocaust then?

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