Friday, January 21, 2011

Parents Just Don’t Understand…

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Brian wins for not flipping out like a cock father.

  2. The first two are annoying. The last one was better.
    Bitch like you’ve never sat at your computer when it’s being a pain in the ass and tried to nicely ask it to do what you wanted. STFU you cunt granddaughter.
    And that mom seems the annoying all up in your business type.

  3. One more page on lamebook will make 666 pages

  4. Hey blondebimbo, since when is Mike the name of a ‘cunt’ granddaughter?

  5. I like how all their last names start with the letter D.

  6. I can’t tell if Grandpa was just playing a joke or if though it would actually work.

  7. No Layne, it’s a good thing: Zach’s professor is never gonna give him up OR let him down. No worries.

  8. You guys, these were hysterical!

  9. OMG I want Holly to be my grandma! Unless she’s like my mother-in-law, who also has no clue about the internet or gadgets, but is annoying and whiney when she can’t get her pictures uploaded onto FB.

  10. Haha, the first one is great! One of the best Lamebook posts in some time.

  11. I really like the last one. You have to love a dad with a sense of humour, and, one with an apparently pretty open relationship with his son. I reckon Gavin Jesse (what the fuck?), and his mates probably thought what dad said was hilarious. Go daddio!

  12. Ha the first and last one were great. Only problem is I have no idea what Rick Rolled means either!

  13. That would actually be awesome…

    *facebook comment on my friends statuses*
    *facebook generate a status for me every day this week at 9 am*

  14. Imagine if thats how facebook worked.
    Facebook please tell this idiot to shut up in the most sarcastic and demeaning way possible.
    it would save a lot of time

  15. ahh MSBUZZ.
    you beat me to it.
    well fuck you anyway so

  16. Ah Conor, what are you doing up at this time?

  17. its only 2 o clock here. im a young fresh one and sleep is for the weak. why waste time sleeping when i have so much creeping on facebook and lamebook to do?

  18. Ha well it’s only 2 o clock here too but i’m obviously not as young and fresh as you, so g’night. And g’day, g’day g’day to the Oz buddies.

  19. I can smell the mould off you from here

  20. And the cats. Don’t forget to smell the cats.

  21. Conor, settle down. Mould? I’ve decided amongst other things, you’re not very nice.

  22. no wordy poo. im not nice, in fact im a bit of a patronising sarcastic cunt. my hobbies also include not capitalising letters at the start of sentences.
    amongst other things? would 1 of them being you like to correct my grammar?
    also what the fuck is up with google chromes spell check trying to americanise my s words?

  23. oh the mould. curlybap said he/she/it wasnt as young as me thus the mould reference.

  24. Change the language settings on your browser.

  25. nada. its only for this site. fb is grand, it lets me spell things right there. ah meh.

    also im not nice because im a 25 stone weightlifter with self esteem issues so i gotta slag people to make myself feel big. whats your angle? professional skydiver, secret agent?

  26. Lamebook, please post pictures of curlybap‘s and blondebimbo‘s boobs.

    And MsBuzzkillinton‘s snatch. And wordpervert‘s ass. Really, a whole smorgasbord of the female users would be appreciated. Thanks.

  27. We’re still waiting Lamebook.

  28. Ah thanks anoek, I’m a bit slow.

    Dear lamebook, please only show those private pics if you have some of these guys in return. Except mofo. We don’t need to be seeing that infected piece of dick.

  29. Lamebook, please get some of my photos from my Facebook album called “Eureka Road Naturist Retreat 2009” and give them to curlybap and then please give us a link to curly’s photos. Thanks. Please hurry.

  30. And as I went home on Saturday night as drunk as drunk could be
    I saw two pics. of curly’s breasts where my old album should be..
    Well, I called me mates and I said to them: Will you kindly tell to me
    Who owns them pics. of curly’s breasts where my old hands should be..

  31. @mass. dubliners. i win a medal for pointing out the obvious yes?

  32. Here Lamebook, what’s going on? Pics of my titties floating around but still none of the boys. You’re letting me down. Mass, you’re awesome.

  33. Lamebook dosent respond to womwn, lb is sexist.

  34. I love funny Scottish chicks, like Conor.

  35. i love not being scottish and i love having a penis

  36. i also loooove money

  37. @stever, you got me. I had it in my head that it was a girl for some reason. So *cunt grandson. My bad.
    @Soup I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  38. That first one is cute. I like Holly D. What a nice old lady.

    Fuck the second one. I don’t even fucking get it, what, someone in 2011 doesn’t know what a RickRoll is? Maybe that’s because it’s two thousand and fucking eleven. Oh no, I showed someone a picture of a cat saying ‘I can haz cheezburger?’ and they called me a stupid fuck because they didn’t know what it was, isn’t that just fucking hilarious?

  39. britishhobo you have never and will never be funny, and that last post was so unfunny i dont know what u expected people to do about it

  40. blondebimbo, I would totally offer up my tit-meat in return for yours. We’ll revisit your cunt assignments if this exchange goes well.

  41. I have been Rick Rolled before but like Layne I have only just found out it doesn’t involve lube and rubber gloves.

    Rick Astley isnt as much fun
    : )

  42. BritishHobo: It’s funny, you’ve just misunderstood it completely.

  43. Soup, stellar. This sounds like a deal.

  44. The last time I stuffed a hand up a bird who had the painters and decorators in I ended up looking like I’d punched a barrel of red wine.

    curly @29 Remember, as the old saying goes, What you can’t see can still hurt you

  45. Shit, I knew I should never have taken your name in vain mofo. It won’t happen again, please take it easy on me.

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