Friday, June 7, 2013

Give Dad a Hand

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  1. Oh Maffew…

  2. Franks and beans! Franks and beans!

  3. Why not just pretend you got an emergency via text message and not bother your kids with your post-divorce love life?

  4. Dad’s sense of humour isn’t that great enough to get him through this date.

  5. Yes, call him again with the more plausible emergency and tell him it was you, not Matthew.

  6. OP, maybe you should, ya dumbass.

  7. Dad could have faked explosive diarrhea… If that didn’t fly, then faking erectile dysfunction would have done it. E.D. is the answer for everything.

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  9. Congratulations, Velocirrober. You managed to make a comment less funny than GaryBurrows.

  10. Paranoid Android72

    I got my dick stuck in a blender, her name was Glenda and that was the enda….
    Yeah, I know, wtf kind of job is a blender. Pfft.

  11. #7 Oh no there’s a burglar in my house better go wave my floppy at him. You know that might actually work.

  12. Eh… Big boss… Can’t win them all.

  13. Serves him right for using such an immature, transparent, bullshit excuse.

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