Monday, February 21, 2011

Parental Problems

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  1. God damn Taylor is already getting a head start at bothering men during their favorite pass times.

    She will make one hell of a wife one day.

  2. Evelyn – “I would be pissed off if they did that to me”. Umm understatement of the century?

    @Bucket – I actually read it thinking of Taylor as a boy. But I take it back, because your comment wouldn’t be funny at all then.

  3. Damn! If my ex took my kids to Taco Bell, I’d fucking take him to court too!
    There’s child endangerment for you!

  4. As I have facial hair I was also very lucky to take part in the boink a mustachio day…

    Tom Selleck was walking like three legged dog with worms for two weeks after… Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I wiped it clean on his ‘tash.

  5. Curly, I also read it thinking that Taylor was a guy.

  6. good job removing cindy lou hartz’ name

  7. Lamebook name blur fail on Cindy Lou …

    The rest, meh, I will never understand why parents say shit like this when they know their kids can see it. No one, no matter how old you are, NO ONE wants to see, read about or be forced to visualize a parent having sex.

    Javier’s thing was funny as hell.

  8. Funny how when you go to Cindy Lou’s profile, half her pictures are Christian-themed.

    Oh well, at least she’s married.

  9. dina speak for yourself….. My Mum’s hot, not as sex wee as my Dad, but still hot.

  10. talk about blowin a situation out of proportion Javier. that’s pretty damn awesome though. i just figured it was another one of those i hate my spouse posts but it’s like he couldn’t wait 30 minutes. i would have taken that time to pack up and go to mexico

  11. You can comment on cindy lou hartz wall posts. (muhaha)

  12. …and send her and e-mail *evil grin, rubbing hands*

  13. Mofo, your dad’s hot, and well hung too.

  14. wow, holy Crazy Christian, Cindy Lou. She loves to shag men with facial hair because they remind her of sexy, sexy Jesus.

  15. He really is…. He’s got a cock like a baby’s arm clutching a blood orange.

    It made for a very uncomfortable childhood.

  16. sexy jesus was probably hung too… he and mofos dad would have made a most excellent tag team.

  17. hpcan They did made an excellent ‘Roasting’ team… The Father (my dad), Jesus (The Son) and a bottle of Vodka (The Holy Spirit) has been terribly misinterpreted by those Bible bashing bastards.

  18. @CurlyBap

    Wow I think I am the one who read that wrong… Looking back at it I think it is a boy.

    Just makes my comment that more appropriate o.0

  19. Javier makes me think his ex has a good reason to just up and leave with the kids. He sounds a bit psycho.

  20. Sweet, that chick has my name.

  21. slippyslappy- I was just thinking the same. And, that I am sent into a moment of terror thinking that this man has more than one child and can’t spell. His children are our future….. Scary, right???

  22. sweet, you have MY name. so happy i finally got something on lamebook!!

  23. Pretty much yeah, CPT. Guy’s a douche.

  24. I bet it is fun to be Javier’s friend. But not so much fun to date him or be related to him.

    I wonder when he goes to pick his kids up from school, if they are not out there immediatly, if he asks the cops to send out an amber alert.

  25. That Taylor’s father has the right idea. Hahaha.

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