Friday, March 9, 2012

Busted by Boasting

A prolific robber was caught after he was found boasting about his heists on Facebook – before he had even committed them. Jesse Hippolite, 24, posted ‘I Gotta Get that $$$$$ Man!!!!’ on the social networking site just 45 minutes before he terrorised a Chase branch in Brooklyn, New York, last July. Police detained him when, after another heist, a bank employee noted the license plate number of the car he used – which had been borrowed from a friend. Using the FBI and NYPD’s license plate reader camera system to determine where it had been stopped in the previous weeks, they found it had been near 19 banks that had been robbed. They then checked his page on the social networking site.

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  1. So without Facebook they wouldn’t have caught him? And that’s why Americans pay their taxes? For law enforcement that a monkey could achieve. Proud moment, States.

  2. Let’s see who feeds the troll.

  3. ColostomyExplosion

    Trolling or not, he has a good point. One dude, 19 banks.

  4. I’m just waiting to see if yt shows up, myself.

  5. He robbed 19 banks?!…19?!…hmmmm 19 banks. How much was he fucking robbing from them?!

    This is a mother fucking robbery! Hands up mother fuckers! Put all the money in the mother fuckin’ ba… hold on.. nope, not ALL the money or I’ll have nothing to do next week… besides all I need is enough to pay my mother fucking water and electricity bills.. put £485.76 in the mother fucking bag bitches!

  6. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    According to yt It’s all a huge plot to get inside the police station for the big score.

    Now if this person was Asian they would have made that much money in a week’s paycheck.

    and white people just wish for the money while saying can I help u OMG not really lollmao why don’t I get paid more and do less wahhh

  7. And my Native American brothers and sisters open up casinos and take everybody’s money.

  8. If that’s what we evolved from… I think yt’s theory fell flat. That or his brother escaped.

  9. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Black people stealing, nothing new.

  10. And mis hermanos would be getting this money by taking all the jobs Americans don’t want to do, and sending it all back to Mexico.

  11. To which Willie Sutton Snr replied “Gangsta?” Oh #6, yes yes, Asian’s rock. They drive so well, and don’t at all smell like corpses.

    Asia needs a bomb dropped on it, oh wait, my bad, they did, and in response, Asia decided to make our stuff in between porn.

  12. Tacky clothes man. You prob do look better in a ski mask and black clothes. That is..if you did use a ski mask and not a potted plant as disguise.

  13. Nah. He’s gangsta remember?wouldn’t do gangstas credit if he covered up. Got to look like a dick while facebooking it. What a fucktard

  14. He looks like a Mcdonald’s employee.

  15. fuck all you haters. a nig’s got to get paid.

  16. Crime doesn’t pay (if you get caught).

  17. Crime does pay if you get caught. He will be getting 3 hots and a cot for the next 20 years.

  18. ^and all the sex he can handle.

  19. ^ SEE. So fucking weak. A prison joke and the best you can come up with is the ever-so-mild “and all the sex he can handle”.

  20. ^you just want me to mention BLACK COCK again, don’t you, you filthy little freak.

  21. But he won’t be able to drive his pimped-out Lexus with the sweet 36″ rims and 5,000 Watt stereo with twelve video screens.

  22. People still rob banks ?

  23. crusty. Buddy. You gotta work on your English comprehension. He was caught because of the licence plate identification, not Facebook. All Facebook did was confirm for the cops that the heists had taken place… so the guy who owned the car didn’t need to crack under police interrogation. But he probably did anyway.

    Also, you come across as a slighted ex-wife, where every post and comment are about MsAnne in your angry head. You need a hobby that doesn’t involve the computer.

  24. ^ ironic guy is ironic

  25. ^forever alone is lonely and desperate for attention.

    (/throws bone to troll)
    Hello flames!
    I hope this fine, sunny day finds you in some form of acute physical discomfiture.
    Yours sincerely,
    The Internet.

  26. Anyone else disturbed by this “FBI license plate reader system” they used?

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