Saturday, February 19, 2011

VDay the Wrong Way

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  1. The first one did make me chuckle. At least the second one is more original that the standard hand=woman jokes.

  2. Old, stupid jokes. No lol involved here. Good try though.

  3. A joke where a man refers to his hand as a woman! Hilarious! What an original joke! Used with Valentines day as a combination! OMG, this is groundbreaking.

  4. He forgot the porn.

  5. I would’ve laughed at the first one more if it weren’t for the fact that I know so many people who, if they were friends with Chris, would have shown up for the funeral.

  6. Toilet paper? This guy doesn’t know how to love himself. I don’t even think he likes himself. Only the finest silk is allowed to capture my liquid loneliness.

  7. chris should’ve bought a xbox

    Soup’s mom is the only thing that is allowed to capture my luquid awesomeness.

  9. I’m more of an expressionist … I like to create ‘art’ on park benches, bus seats or swing sets…people in front of me in line-ups, stuff like that.

  10. Stever + comment about someone’s mom = FAIL

  11. it would be good if stever could at least spell liquid… No wait… The comment would still fail…

  12. I bottle my goop and sell them for moisturizing cream to Stevers mom. Its not my fault if she drinks it or where she sticks it, boy.

  13. Please guys, no jokes about Stevers mom, she’s a very classy lady and does a hell of a angry dragon.

    BTW Am looking for a hooker with a glass eye.


    Is this what you shout out at orgasm when mummy is tending to your ‘needs’?

  15. i think stever just got owned by whats left of the lb community… Note to self; dont pick on soup

  16. I remember when my Playstation 3 died…nope sorry it was my Gramps who kicked it… I always get them two mixed up.

  17. Noodles, I’d just play it safe and not be stever.

  18. If I got upset every time someone with low standards decided to root around in the pig trough my mother calls a vagina, well, I’d be one unhappy camper.

  19. Soup I just want to officially recognize liquid loneliness as the awesome phrase that it is. I see lots of possibilities here with this one.

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