Saturday, February 19, 2011


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  1. First! Anyway, this is probably fake or planned out. I’ve seen this on Facebook Like pages before.

  2. Did I get first? Stever’s gonna be pissed. Nice burn, by the way!

  3. Aw shit. 🙁

  4. gutted. This is shit by the way.

  5. I know a joke about Evelyn’s vagina. It’s hollow, shallow and has a very dirty ending!

  6. a hollow, shallow vagina? that doesn’t even make sense

    i know a joke about evelyn’s vagina. it’s a bit off-colour.

  7. I know a joke about evelyn’s vagina.. It’s old and been used many times but will be in the center of attention amongst old men.
    Anyone wanna hear it?

  8. i’ll tell you a joke about evelyns vagina.. just let me remove my fist first.

  9. I’ve heard this joke soooo much lately…

  10. that’s a lovely tin whistle me mother sent to me

  11. When are guys going to get that it’s not the length that matters? Long jokes rarely deliver a satisfying punch line.

  12. I supply girth… and don’t charge for towing or apply a toll.

  13. It was a good burn, though.

  14. I know a joke about evelyns vag. It’s cheesy.

  15. @11. Wordpervert, you’re just jealous you dont have a joke of the same great length.

  16. Javier doesn’t know how to tell a dick joke. Now my penis, it makes all the ladies giggle.

  17. @ Walter, ewwwww! Love it!

  18. All of your witty penis jokes have made my cock go green with envy… well it’s either envy or the gangrenous cock warts, not sure which to be honest?

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