Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just Win!

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  1. Masterbation FTW!

  2. Kinda find it funny how for the second one, they covered up Leigh’s last name.. but failed to notice it’s also her Twitter name as well, which is clear as day. 🙂

  3. his, not her. It’s early.

  4. I’m confused about the last one, is it funny in some way I’m missing? Is the fact that Kanye would be June relative at all, or is it just a joke because Kanye was mentioned when Taylor Swift was? If so that’s pretty lame.

    “Aw man, can’t wait to see Taylor Swift next year!”
    “Yeah, well… Kanye West.”

  5. slad, I’ll bet they noticed but forgot to blur it.

  6. (Slad, I meant to ask in my previous comment, but did you forget to mention Brian’s name as well?)

  7. No slad, her not his, you were right the first time. Also, any relation to Kras, or is Devuska a common Russian username?

  8. ^^nevermind, I just translated it. Guess you’re and the same person

  9. *one

    crawling back into bed

  10. Walter, I totally missed that. I guess I’m only half-observant today.

    Saffer, I’m not sure who Kras is, lol. Actually, I’m a long time Lamebook reader, but for the first time, I’m actually posting. But I am learning Russian, so I figured it could be appropriate.

  11. What day is it again?

  12. Love Christopher’s comment.

  13. Fuck you Leigh, There’s a Columbian dude in my Boules League called Mr Aidsriddledfuckwit…so nuh.

  14. @Mikefu I’m just guessing, but I think it’s supposed to be funny because it’s a Taylor Swift calendar and halfway through (June) Kanye interrupts. And -literally- therein lies the joke.

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