Friday, August 29, 2014

Slashed Tires

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  1. With a free-spirited name like Torzie, of course she would have her tires “slashed”.

  2. Lol rofl omg wtf

  3. OMG. Catch the villain!

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  5. so it’s been a couple of days since the last lamebook post. is it same to assume that it’s been shutdown because stupid Dane has sucked the life right out of it, and we can delete the app and all go home?

  6. @Jenny- It was Labour day weekend. We all are collectively working to out-lame stupid Facebook posts. Dane is special, like kids that ride the little bus to school, but he’s not the only contributor to the unbearable lameness of our addiction that makes us wonder what day of the week it is when we don’t see a new post.

  7. @sweetatas thanks brah, had no idea it was a public holiday in lamebooks neck of the woods.
    as you were.

  8. hang on, so, wait, let me get this straight, the lamebook owners actually need to take a break from this? shouldn’t we commission other nations who aren’t on holiday to take up the slack when the U S of A deems that it’s people need a rest day?
    we could hire Jews over Christmas, Christians during la quanza and ISIS during spring break then.

  9. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Jenny, if we were to export the updating of Lamebook to other nations, it might actually be funny, which would completely defeat the purpose of Lamebook.

  10. Jenny – I had a one-night stand with your sister back in 2008, and left her with the wrong number and possibly some chlamydia, right?
    That’s why you’re so annoyed at me?

  11. no silly, it’s because when you started out here you made those unfunny rape jokes every post and you made all my friends, the original lamebook posters leave because you were so obviously an unfunny hack, shill fuckwit.

  12. @thebreastamongus 5 out of 5 posts appear to be photoshopped, self submitted, at least 6 month old pieces of shit. really, the break was necessary?

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