Tuesday, June 8, 2010


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  1. frogsandsticksandshit

    @BritishHobo, Yeah that sounds amazing. Chuck Robert Pattison in the mix and watch him have his ass kicked. Maybe Beiber. Represent the downfall of this generation.

  2. Walter Sobchak

    I think these clown/vampire/wolf kids are pretty fortunate to be able to dress like idiots and not get the shit beat out of them.

    When I was growing up and dressed as Jem and walked outside singing “Jem, Jem is truly outrageous Truly, truly, truly outrageous” i didn’t even make it half way down the street before my OWN DAD caught me and knocked my ass on the ground and started kicking me and taking off my clothes screaming “YOU ARE A DISGRACE.” 🙁

  3. idleinjapan, hey what are you doing in Japan (apart from being idle)? I am jealous, I’d love to be in Japan right now.

  4. ashleigh’s great….I wish we could be friends.

  5. Stephen’s Mom should get some of her trailer park friends to dress up like Juggalos and beat the shit out of that kid. I wouldn’t want to ground him and keep him in the house with me. Or, she could go to K-Mart and give them his picture and forbid them from selling him Halloween makeup.

    Ashleigh, is awesome. Thanks Google.

  6. @idleinjapan

    Really? Wow… I mean, I had friends that liked ICP in high school, but none of them took it that far, and I’ve seriously never heard of the term before, say, a month or so ago? I live in NYC, so it’s a bit weird I’ve never heard of them before O_o. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock? Yay, rock!

  7. where i’m from juggalos are as common as people with brown hair, and they take their juggaloness very seriously. there’s like gangs of them that hangout and beat people up and stupid shit like that. it’s so fucking strange.

  8. Yesterday I was at a stoplight, and turning left in front of me was a freaking MINI COOPER full of Juggalos… at 11 a.m. I kid you not.

  9. @jukaswo

    So what is the answer to the age old question: How many Juggalos can you fit in a Mini Coop?

  10. i paint my face to show the world how fucked up it is could you sell me some face paint?

  11. Out of all the lamebook shit I’ve read through, #2 is my favorite.

  12. Don’t jinx it, Numnum.

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