Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Little Extra…

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  1. BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vaginas spit blood?! I guess I’m lucky mine doesn’t have teeth…

  3. 1) Nothing like waking up to the smell of urine from pissing your bed in the morning.

    2) omgwtf. She writes as if she’s some 8 year old kid.

    3) I don’t know if I should be happy for Bruce or not.

    4) Oh, there can’t be enough of people describing how periods work.

  4. ImTheRingLeader

    Can someone tell me what is up with the whole “Ben” thing?

  5. Lol @Dixie Normus, and what is the mental age of Asia (that’s a name?)

  6. @ ImTheRingLeader Look at older posts – like 3 or 4 months back to get Ben

  7. She left out how Vagina’s eat souls… weird.

    Apparently some douche named Ben bitched and moan about people saying “first” so apparently they now post “ben” instead. I could be wrong, but that is what I have read on other posts.

  8. PMSing much?!

  9. Someone needs to check their husbands for testicles? Looking like these two have lost theirs.

  10. The last one made me actually laugh out loud, fricken hilarious. Especially the last sentence, Rae FTW.

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    What, do married women talk like they’re ten now? Geez.

  12. @ImTheRingLeader – “The Ben Story” – Ben was a pretty funny guy who always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, and as long as you were not the target of his fury, he was usually good for a laugh. Then one day he pointed his fury at someone for posting “First” as the first comment on an entry, which was followed by several people stating they loved him and wanted his babies and so on and so forth: http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/oh-no-photos#comments.

    Then, on the very next post, he posted “First” and got RAILED on for it: http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/its-winsday-2#comments.
    Finally, a few posts later he claimed this gem that someone else was using his username and pretending to be him: http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/kingdumb-came#comments.

    There it is, the whole Ben Story. It was, of course, super funny to be there whilst it was unfolding… but going back now a noob may not appreciate the true humor.

  13. Wow, Rae is a total bitch… Women have been having periods since the dawn of time. You would think they would have gotten over their “oh, life is so unfair for us” problem. If she can’t handle having her vagina spit blood, she can get a fucking hysterectomy. Not our vagina, not our problem.

  14. Women complaining about tampons is like men complaining that we have to adjust our “stuff” throughout the day. You think we like doing that? It’s uncomfortable so we try to fix it… we’re honestly not “playing with ourselves” every chance we get, I swear.

    However, when the pain hits for cramps, then my sym/empathy kicks in and I’ll do what I can to help (assuming I care about said female at all)

  15. Sucking dick in order to swallow pills seems like an extreme solution to a simple problem. “This TV show is terrible, but the remote is all the way over there. I think I’ll just gouge my eyes out.”

  16. @pelicant

    Why is it “Unmanly” to buy tampons? Just because it’s only used by the girl? If my girl bought me NFL Football Game 2011 (or whatever you guys call them), would she be embarrassed in the checkout line?

    Grow a pair of testicles and buy tampons without blushing.

  17. @Mcowles

    I grew up with 2 sisters, one 10 years and the other 13 years older than me, so I’ve been running into stores buying tampons for as long as I can remember. The one thing I always found a bit uncomfotable was the amazingly huge selection of them lol. I was always scared to get the wrong one and get the ass chewing of a lifetime haha =)

  18. @Nojobdj

    1) Sorry to hear about your employment situation. Keep spinning, I have faith.

    2) I fully understand the worry of a little brother making their bloody sisters angry with them.

    3) I once saw a Jesus statue cry blood… think about that the next time you turn your face away from a “crying” vagina

    4) I don’t know why I even numbered these to start with

    5) Tampax Pearls are the prettiest in the section. I would definitely use those, if I was a girl.

    6) Kotex looks ugly and the name is kind of gross. I don’t know why.

  19. @mcowles because a man should be able to watch the football with a beer in hand without ‘the old ball and chain’ disturbing him while she goes about making his sammiches. She should go buy her own damn tampons, cos the man’s the man in the relationsh… wait, shit, I thought I was on Fmylife.

  20. Who would have thought Asia’s life would be so complete with Breadsticks, Cold Stone and poo poo

  21. hahaha, mcowles and Hobo FTW!!!

    sigh..I’ve missed you guys.

  22. Rae is stupid.

  23. @BritishHobo

    I thought guys didn’t like doing it because they were embarrassed to be associated with a spitting vagina. If the true reason is that they’re lazy and/or don’t want to be disturbed with “women’s work”, then … well, they still need to grow up, haha.

    This isn’t the 1950’s! It’s not “neato” to oppress women! It’s not “squaresville” to buy Grape Big League Chew AND Tampax Pearl Tampons in the same visit. It’s not “sit on it, aayyyeee!” to … ummm, I’m confusing myself.


    We’ve been here, come back to us.

  24. hey dawnstar! 😀 How’ve ya been?

  25. @Hobo

    I’ve been simply AWESOME/1 …just waiting for Lamebook to raise that bar back up…although, really, the comments have always been the best place to get my funny-fix.

    Referencing Grape Big League chew AND Happy Days? THAT’S why someday, I will be your babymomma. Just, y’know…..f.y.i.

  26. My man has no problems running to the store to buy tampons. I don’t get why that’s such a big deal to dudes. Like the cashier is going to look at you and think you’re buying the tampons for anything else OTHER than for a girl. Seriously dudes… what is the big deal?

    “Oh man this guy’s a freak… I bet he’s gonna put like 10 of these tampons up his ass hole.”

  27. @Lulz

    LOL! So true!

  28. CommentsAtLarge


    I’ve always said the same thing – the cashier is not going to look at me a think “why does he need those?” You guys damn sure aren’t choosing to go through that, might as well help how we can.

  29. CommentsAtLarge

    *and think

  30. @Soup lol
    @mcowles, omg, I can’t believe how much thought you’ve put into tampons
    @Lulz, that is what you really do with them, isn’t it? Don’t worry I wont judge how you get your kicks.

  31. Living w/ a woman means buying tampons. This is news?
    And are we supposed to be surprised that the woman in Mike’s bed this morning was very very drunk last night?

  32. lol

  33. @27

    The cashier is probably thinking along the lines of, ‘Oh, this guy has a steady chick. I wonder if she’s hot?’

    At worst the cashier will think he’s buying them for the household, i.e. sisters and/or mom.

  34. My fiance put it like this when his friends were ribbing him about buying me pads and razors: “And this is why I’ve been getting laid almost daily for 5 years and why YOU haven’t.”

    Also, if you have to say “Sorry for the people who had to read this” after writing up a story on FB, maybe you shouldn’t actually hit send.

  35. mcowles and British, you guys made my day with your antics on this one.

  36. You know when something is really funny because you laugh and laugh – then pig snort – then laugh again. Soup you made me pig snort!

  37. I sure hope that Asia’s next romantic dinner doesn’t see her end up in Mike’s bed. He’d have a little more than piss to worry about then.

  38. Just when I thought that a date absolutely cannot get more romantic than mediocre Italian food & a birthday cake remix from Coldstone Creamery, Asia shows us all the way to top it all off in true romantic style. I think we all owe her our sincere thanks.

  39. @ mcowles picking a fine tampon is like picking a fine wine you need good taste, and you have good taste.

  40. My boyfriend used to buy pads and tampons just to have them, in case any of his (girl) friends would come over and need one. One of the first things I thought was really awesome about him.

  41. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Soup FTW!

  42. Rae, you’re an idiot

  43. I hate Rae… there are just somethings girls shouldn’t talk about in detail

  44. my boyfriend buys tampons for me all the time…no big deal. sending him to buy panty hose…freakin hilarious!

  45. chiiro; I agree with the whole ‘man enough to buy tampons thing’ but buying them pre-emptively is a little weird!

  46. Advice to guys who hate to buy tampons: keep buying the wrong ones, eventually they’ll stop asking and/or pick up Bruce’s habit..that way you’ll never have to deal with that again..

  47. yeah…buy Tena lady instead 😐

  48. Rae – you know have to apologise to the whole Lamebook forum. I’m a girl and I found that waaaaaaay to much information to deal with.

  49. Facebook Rule #77: If you feel compelled to apologize for saying something, you probably shouldn’t say it. This can also be applied to real life.

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