Friday, May 7, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

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  1. Don’t know if anyone noticed but.. either she spelled her name wrong on her facebook or they spelled her name wrong on the card.. I’m gonna go with the latter.

  2. How can I love you if you won’t lie down??!

  3. Wow I didn’t even realize both pics were the same person. Then I saw presh out of the box. It’s kind of reassuring knowing it is just one couple doing this instead of 3 separate morons.

  4. That first one doesn’t look pregnant, just fat.

  5. Well, I don’t know for sure that the first one is pregnant, but probably. I’m fat, pregnant, 29 weeks and not showing at all. Actually, lost 12 pounds so far and can’t stop losing weight, so not sure when I might show. No one that doesn’t know me personally can tell I’m pregnant, and I don’t feel pregnant, but I’ve had 3 ultrasounds that say otherwise and the OB never has trouble finding my baby’s healthy heartbeat every appointment.

  6. I should add that I wouldn’t take a picture of my stomach or have a picture taken professionally and post it on FB, though.

  7. Oh Christ, this is one of those instances where the FAIL is so extreme that it’s on the verge of becoming a WIN…

  8. LOL what’s sad is that the girl in the first pic is probably only 4 weeks pregnant.

  9. BlowMe____Away

    Sanchez, I hope you die in a fire.

  10. mymomruinedfacebook

    YES. These are simply amazing. The belly in the wreath? Named “The New Addition,” which sounds like some off beat 90’s boy band…

  11. Besides the obvious lame-ness of the pictures…did anyone notice she spelled her name “Jenifer” on her album, but “Jennifer” on the card? Extra special.

  12. I hate seeing pregnant women! ARG.

  13. southernbrunette

    dude i’m pregnant and i’m wayyy better looking than that. that’s not a pregnant belly, that’s a disgusting fat bitch belly. even if she is pregnant, you probably can’t tell the different between her pregnant belly and her disgusting fat belly.

    i can understand posting prego pictures up because you want to keep those memories, but the christmas card is a little much..and if you look that disgusting, probably a memory best forgotten instead of treasured. i’m in my 8th month and am no where near that fat. *shudder*

  14. southernbrunette

    not to mention pregnant bellies are firm, hers is like a disgusting bowl of lard.

  15. @southernbrunette
    ‘im pregnant and wayyyyyyy better looking’.
    It’s nothing to do with the stupidity of the photos the critique but yeah those ugly people should just stay inside and never entertain the idea of taking a picture of themselves.

    I bet you’re actually pretty ugly, people who are actually good-looking usually have a little more class.

  16. Lol, classy pic’s. It’s one thing to be excited over your first baby but can people please wait to start the god awful parade of “my kid” pictures and comments until the kid is actually born.

  17. “Look everybody, I have a legitimate excuse for being fat! I’m pregnant! And just in case you missed that, I’m going to send you a cringe inducing post card of me, hubby and my fat pregnant belly! See! You can’t call me fat anymore!!!!”

  18. Just when I thought it was safe too.

  19. ms anthropist

    @ southernbrunette

    insecure much?

  20. Peanut? Really??? The only peanut I see in that picture is her boobs. Seriously, look at them. Looks like a giant peanut.

  21. Grammar Police

    ^^^ lol, now when I look at them that’s all I see!

  22. she has amazing tits. that baby will be well fed

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  24. lol the first one’s just fat.

  25. Okay, i have to point out that since she was calling the baby an “it”, it probably put her UNDER the 5 month mark, which would explain WHY she doesn’t look all that pregnant. just sayin’

    Or unless they don’t want if it is a boy or a girl.

    Another thing, that guy’s smile looks SO forced 🙁 it’s a tad disturbing :/

    And, in the 1st picture, that pose is just unflattering in general. i would think, for ANYONE.

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