Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rocky Majors

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  1. …And frat guys are still gay.

  2. @myredstar hit the nail right on the head.

    Not to mention the fact that fraternity or not, these people are raging pieces of shit for posting her name on their Facebook page.
    Say what you want but don’t put it on the internet you fucking cocks.

    I hope everyone responsible for releasing her name gets thrown out of their fraternity.

  3. And can someone please help me to understand the American fascination with the “college experience”?
    Why is it that so much of what is seen and heard of American college students is nothing but random hookups, excess alcohol consumption of trying to prove yourself in a four-year-long pissing contest?

    College is, or at least I was lead to believe while I was there, a place where people LEARN and at least attempt to become functional members of society. Although American college students appear to regress in their ability to behave as rational human beings. And they always use the justification of the “college experience”.

    No wonder the country is in shambles – no one bothered to learn a damn thing in college and built the country on scraping by after a hang over!

    This is why the rest of the world is laughing at you.

  4. @nomnomnom:
    This is a great question I have often pondered myself, being the classy American lady that I am (and a college student).

    It is unjust to generalize all American college students as being eternally hungover, however. Sure, we have our Girls Gone Wild sluts, our alcoholic frat boys, and our cougar professors, but what country doesn’t? America has made a business out of it with our millions of “omfg-let’s-lose-our-virginity-in-college” movies and lovely pornographic tapes. Americans like to party and we are damn good at it.

    But this is not the true “college experience.” They may be amusing interludes but most people actually study in college (unless you are a stuck-up twat spending your parents’ money to hide from the real world for 4 years). I see it as a clever way to weed out the future of America–those who get by drunkenly in college will wipe my windshield for me, while I laugh maniacally from my hovercraft (dreams, dreams).

    And my dear, the world laughs at us because we are a bunch of raving lunatics. America is actually quite divided (like the North vs. the South, for example), so tension rules us. We get bored easily and must entertain ourselves. We love drama. It’s a weird country, but I like living here… usually (hell, there is always Canada).

    So, in closing, the world may laugh at the drunk skank (USA) with the lampshade on her head, but she sure is fun to party with… and some of those drunk skanks are actually smart.

    And don’t assume you know all of one country based on the media/the internet (especially not the American media, for God’s sake). Hell, if that were the case, I am to assume that Australia is inhabited solely by kangaroos, and the British just drink tea and eat crumpets all day.

  5. Afterthought: How does one wipe a hovercraft’s windshield? Would the employee have to wear rocket boots?
    F$%^, I am tired.

  6. @arousal – Thank you. You said exactly what I was thinking. However, you said it much more eloquently than I would have. It’s late and I’m very tired, so I was just going to tell nomnomnom to go fuck him/herself. But hey, I’m just an inarticulate, skanky, American college student who’s too busy doing keg stands and fucking strangers to have learned how to express myself in an intelligent manner.

  7. Also, yes, rocket boots would probably be necessary.

  8. Hilarious!

  9. @ British: Point taken. I just have a problem with stigmas or people making broad negative generalizations about a group or organization. It usually isn’t deserved. I will freely admit that there are a some douchebags in fraternities, but that is true for the overall human population as well. I just don’t like labeling EVERY person in a group with a negative stereotype because you simply don’t know if it’s true. Caveat: the Fred Phelps group in Kansas. Call me hypocritical, but I’m struggling to see a redeeming quality there.

    @ PraetorianXVIII: You don’t know me. While I was in a Fraternity, I have no family money to speak of. My fraternity was pretty diverse. I served as an enlisted man in the Army for 5 years – not much sense of entitlement doing that. I put myself through grad school. I’m not condoning what these guys are did – they shouldn’t have made it public. But let’s be honest, fraternity guys aren’t the only guys that treat women with less dignity and respect than they deserve – especially at a younger age. I would say the vast majority of ALL young men do that. I’m not sure what your problem is, and I could be wrong about this subject, but to me it just doesn’t make sense to talk shit about a huge group of people you don’t know.

  10. Hey Evo…where did you go to college? Had a girl named Sarah at our dorm too.

  11. This is just nasty and misogynistic. The thought of women being ”sluts” and not putting out result in increased pressure among dumbass members that lead to date rape. I was in college when the same fraternities members(pikes)raped two women. The campus’s lack of evidence lead to the guys having no actions/charges against them, due to women who were scared to report such actions. Young women fresh out of their parents home rushing the experience are being taking advantage of by horrible scum. Afraid of reputation, guilt from drinking, and parents disapproval of experimenting in drugs, sex, and alcohol, but this never makes rape ok, or labeling one as a slut. I might as well label these dudes roach shit herpe/aids infested polo homophobic douchbags. It is responses like these, and predator behavior that keeps making this shit ok. Fuck you.

  12. How the hell do these people get into Higher Education?

    Over here we weed (most of) these douchebags out before University. Then they serve us pizzas.

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