Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stalk Talk

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  1. ben

  2. Merfi???

  3. That’s not deep Nimi, that’s Crazy Town.

    Mike you’re a major tool. I’m into real sex not nerd sex too, haha

  4. PraetorianXVIII

    Marki and I have so much in common, aside from I hate art and stuff. Clearly it’s a sign.

  5. Yeah, my first reaction when I get horny as hell looking at Jason Mraz is to try and get random women on Facebook to have cybersex with me. Is that not the norm?

    First one… ehh… depressing.

  6. I’d just like to point out, Kayla’s tattoo is butt fucking ugly. And so is she.

  7. Dodgy name but Marki FTW

  8. Oh and lol etc.

  9. Close, Nimi, but it should really read “Dats Derp!”.

    C’mon, get wit it.

  10. I’m into nerd sex followed by geek sex, then nerd nerd nerd geek nerd nerd nerd geek geek geek nerd dweeb nerd nerd nerd nnnnnnneeeeerrrd geeknerdgeeknerd dweeb dweeeeeeb nerd nerd nerd….. nerd…… geeek……….. geeek ok im done.

  11. Guys, Kayla is just wants to be deep. She wants to be like.. the abyss deep. I don’t know why y’all are acting like she’s a kiddie pool.

    Also, Mike is Frodo, y/y?

  12. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol @ the first one! Creepy shit.

    And so Marki is a girl’s name? :S

  13. @Walter

    Was that an awesome Friends reference? Even if it wasn’t, I smiled.


    The question for me is, did he get horny from looking at the Jason Mraz page, or was he horny and thus, wanted to look at the Jason Mraz page?

  14. I was going to get a tattoo of my ex-girlfriend on my shoulder but then I realised I would only be able to see her when I wasn’t wearing a shirt. So I went with the pin hole camera option.

  15. mcowles, no not an awesome Friends reference. Just recapping my lunch break.

  16. @ Lea

    Loving the reference, gave me a giggle 🙂

    #1 WOW, really she got that after they broke up; creepy as hell.

    #2 HAHAHAHA real sex HAHAHA , wait … Marki? Ummmm , is that really a girls name?

  17. i thought geek sex was when you dressed up as world of warcraft characters and talked about internal PC hardware…

  18. @MyJobIsTheSuck

    Internal PC hardware like “You turn my software into hardware” and “Hey, how ’bout I take off your cover and insert a bigger CPU.”?

    Is it just me, or does this chick in the first picture have a really unattractive face.

  19. It’s probably the awkward angle in which the picture was taken.

  20. @MyJob

    I once had sex with a dwarf that was dressed up like a gnome. It was hot as hell. BTW, never have sex with a blood elf during her period, as it’s twice as worse than normal periods. Plus she’s a member of the horde, so why would you be doing that anyway?

  21. @Dixie

    I would love to remove your cover and RAM your extra slot. If my memory serves me right (which it will, as newegg rated it with 5 eggs), I’ll have you turned on in no time.

    Crap, now all I can think of is my motherboard and my hard disk just went floppy (old school floppy).

  22. ‘Dats deep’????? DATS fucking ridiculous.

  23. Nimi, Merfi and Marki?


  24. The tat looks like it could be his mugshot too…..mad love chia!

  25. What movies is that creature in the first picture from?

  26. I too got the nonexistant Friends reference.

    But moving on, it’s that time where some comment half reminds the Hobo about a film he’s watching/has just watched and he tells you all to go watch it. This time it’s mcowles dawrf-sex comment making me tell you to go watch the original British Death at a Funeral. Not seen the American remake yet but it looks okay.

  27. @mcowles

    You put the SPARC in my workstation. Your homepage or mine. I promise I’m user friendly 😉

  28. @pelicant

    X-Files, possibly. Or maybe one of the mutants from “The Hills Have Eyes”?

  29. Dixie Normus FTW…your solaris is open

  30. Again with the fuck up names Merfi and Marki where do parents come up with these names?

  31. I put on my robe and wizard hat..

  32. And Kayla is the reason why we have Tattoo removal and restraining orders

  33. Might as well face it you’re addicted to love.

  34. MsBuzzkillington

    Someone needs to remind Kayla what a picture is. It may be too late for this tattoo.. but maybe it can save her a lot of trouble in the future.

    I mean… she should know, considering she posted one…

    when her friend says “you never know if you can still get ‘im'” does ‘im’ mean him? Like she is trying to say that Kayla might be able to get her ex back?

  35. Mike has some serious issues… Jason Mraz sucks balls.

  36. I can’t believe I registered JUST for this, but oh well.
    As for the name Marki being odd or the question as to is it a girl’s name:

    Didn’t anyone ever watch Night Court? Harry Anderson, Richard Moll, Markie Post? Of course, I may be “old” here, but Markie Post was a rather famous 80’s TV actress.

  37. PeanutButtercup

    Derpa derpa!

    Thank you Bucky 🙂

  38. MsBuzzkillington, lol at the photo reference.

    I have a theory about Mike. That he is really butt ugly and has made a fake profile to cybersex with unsuspecting fbookers.

  39. Haha, I only just noticed Mike’s ‘okay, now that I’ve got fucking out of the way… enjoying the art?’ comment.

  40. hm. number one strikes me as the girl who gets a picture to remember her ex by after she eats him for leaving her. Does his picture match any missing persons reports?

  41. Maybe that’s his real face 😐

  42. If Kayla stopped doing that terrifying thing with her lips she might have better success having a real man, as opposed to a picture on her shoulder. Just a suggestion.
    Seriously though, that “pout” would have me screaming in fear.

  43. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Kayla’s friends seem pretty legit. Merfi and Nimi.. nice.
    Oh, Mike. Give it up my friend. You’re all kinds of a douche. And put a shirt on.

  44. Mike would rather bluetooth than put his memory stick into her usb port. Kyla is probably wondering why nobody wants to fuck her again. Imagine that guy staring at you as you do her.

  45. Kayla’s ex = Jerry Seinfeld? y/y?

  46. beerwad: Bahahaha!!! Totally.

  47. I tip my hat to Marki for her response.

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