Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s WINSday!

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  1. Chuck Norris: Good at Martial Arts, shit at humour

  2. @DukeGuy: that’s rich coming from a guy who writes emails that are immensely shit rip-offs of Letters from an idiot. You nailed the last part of that book title but fail miserably at the humor.

  3. Rip off? Oh yes, like much of the internet – 99% plagiarism.

    Besides, ‘Letters from a Nut’ is a rip-off from ‘Timewasters Letters’ and plagiarism is just a nats teste higher than actually pretending to be someone else.

  4. @DukeGuy – Why would you want to get into it with someone who is coming at you hiding behind the name “Chuck Norris” are you freaking kidding me!

    Chuck Norris is Frodo!

  5. I love you Username_Login – and you’re right “he’s not worth it”

  6. Well, not so much a rip off as an authorized duplication / re-creation if you will for different markets (I suppose you can draw a similarity in the US and UK Office – “different drinks for different needs”).

    DISCALIMER: Chuck Norris is not, nor affiliated in any way with Chuck Norris. Any similarities are purely coincidental. The views of Chuck Norris are in no way the views or opinions of Chuck Norris.

  7. I eat Frodo for breakfast

  8. Socialism is Frodo

  9. So essentially what you are saying there Chuck is that Chuck Norris likes cocks in his mouth?

  10. DukeGuy, ‘The Timewaster Letters’ owe a debt to ‘The Henry Root Letters’ and Joe Orton’s ‘Edna Welthorpe’ and probably countless

    Ain’t nothing new under the sun

    Except ‘Chuck Norris’ and his individual approach to funny

  11. The word ‘others’ was missed there at the end of the first line

    I need another brandy

  12. thanks cunfunuckty – I’ll look those up

  13. So Juliet wants a man who’s going to wait on her hand and foot even when’s she’s being a super bitch? That is lame.

  14. ben, you’re exactly the type of person that shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. every one of your posts is so hypocritical.

    you yell at someone for posting “first” on an entry and then the very same day you do the same thing? since you seem to think that the other person that did it has no life, masturbates in his own shit, and only makes worthless comments; i guess we can assume the same about you.

    you also say that you don’t care about anyone’s opinions yet you think other people care about yours. more so, it’s clear that these opinions do affect you since you feel the need to repeatedly deflect them with insults. not to menton your fascination with performing fellatio on your dad.

    by the way, useless posts of profanity and insults don’t make your e-penis any bigger.

  15. Leave Frodo alone! I love that guy.

  16. Ever wonder why people who have such an intense distaste for one another continue to joust verbally long after the exchange has digressed into schoolyard insults that are the equivalent of “oh yeah? Well your mom is fat!”?

    Because they enjoy it.

    And we call some of the facebook updaters lame. I bet there is already a site in the works call Lamebook Lamecomments. The categories will include Frodos, turtles, grammarnazis, first second or thirders, retarts and so forth.

  17. Great now I am resisting every urge in my body to type “well, your mom IS fat”

    Maybe I should not have had so much coffee….

  18. *cackles with glee*

    Well met.

  19. I’d much rather go on about orgasms then “Ben”!

  20. Ben is Frodo. And Frodo fakes orgasms.

  21. (((giggling like a school girl high on pot for the first time)))

    Oh eenerble I love, love, love that your comment about orgasms just happened to be the 69th comment.

    I truly am immature today =)

  22. Levin wins today.

  23. Ben could have won, if he didn’t submit his own jokes. This just leads me to believe that he makes a lot of antiblack jokes in real life, and adds people he doesn’t even know.

  24. what the hell, i meant levin not ben

    stfu ben

  25. Bahaha. After reading all of these comments, I had to go check the last post to see what everyone was referring to.

    “Or maybe you all can go fuck yourselves, you have nothing better to do than over analyze every comment, scrutinizing every minute detail, I couldn’t care less for any of your opinions you douche bags.”

    Gold. Ben is clearly frodo.

  26. I want Adam and Levin. We can get a train going.

  27. This thread seems to be full of a lot of tight asses…and since everyone seems to need everything clarified, I don’t mean the kind you can bounce a quarter off of, I mean the kind that needs the stick (branch, log?) surgically removed from it.

  28. FARGH- I hate it when people like Juliet post that shit. It’s so condescending. If I went up to my boyfriend all upset and he asked “whose arse am I kicking baby?” I’d tell him to go kick his own for being so patronising. Fuck me.

    Translation of that tripe:

    “Every woman is the same emotionally needy stereotype, so when she’s acting like a pouty little bitch, pander to her shit completely. As a self-indulgent woman who believes that her gender accounts for the majority of her emotions and actions, instead of her individuality, I feel the need to broadcast this to the world because I believe 1) that men are too stupid to operate off basic human traits such as intuition and therefore need this crap explained to them in the most condescending way possible, and 2) that women need to read this and feel a sense of solidarity with myself and others based upon the fact that we all lack a Y chromosome. This is of course ignoring the fact that the only women who buy into this bullshit are those who say crap like “girl power” and/or suffer from an over production of estrogen. Excuse me while I go tell my girlfriends about my boy troubles, over estimate my own importance in the world and generally act like a self-pitying pain in the arse.”

  29. Ahah, I COMPLETELY agree with Gaybriel. People like that need to be shot.

  30. Not enough prescriptions in the world to help Juliet. Dan FTW.

    I don’t understand this one. Conor says “screw Haiti”, Levin thinks black people shouldn’t be saved, Devon laughs, Levin points out that he’s black. Does… …not… …compute. Next.

    Poor Jerica, lol, what a lousy name. S’pose the boys blow their horns, and her walls come down?

    To Ben, Chuck Norris is always first.

  31. insert clever name here

    @scottspeig & msjessiemeghan – Nice try at trying to not look like noobies. You say a person is Frodo, not a Frodo. There is only one Frodo.

  32. insert clever name here

    @Stix #16 – *applause*

  33. Damn it insert clever name here – I do all that insulting and you ruin it – why, why, WHY???

    On a side, I didn’t realise you can’t be A Frodo. I disagree, but there we go (if there is only one Frodo, how can we tell multiple people that they are Frodo?!?)

  34. lostintranslation

    @scottspeig: you clearly don’t have a pool.

  35. Ok really am i the only one who has noticed that Conor mentions he doesn’t give a shit about Haiti, and Levin goes into some huge racial whinge.

    How the fuck does he know Conor just doesn’t give a fuck about human life in general or hes so small minded he doesn’t appreciate having his tv time filled with news about the situation over there.

    People like Levin are more racist than people like Conor, just sayin’.

  36. i feel so bad for you ben, and also for all of you who are on this website 24/7. the reason why you are constantly on here posting comments and argueing is because you most probably look something like this:

    you all seriously need to get laid.

  37. @alfied09…now why’d you go and post up a pic of your mum on lamebook? now that’s lame

  38. @EVERYONE! Can we please just ignore Ben? I think his is a fairy, like Tinkerbelle. And if we say he doesn’t exist three times he will disappear.
    “I don’t believe in fairies, I don’t believe in fairies, I don’t believe in fairies!”

    @scottspeig, Frodo is like winning a championship, you are only Frodo until someone else earns the title. You have to read the original Frodo post to understand this.

    @dcrearview, you are awesome.

  39. I forgot, I hate Juliet.
    But I will feel bad for her when her ass kicking boyfriend beats her up. Let us know Juliet!

  40. fuck all you haters, juliet is right on! you just don’t want to admit it because none of you are pretty enough to be treated as beautiful

  41. I miss Ben =(

  42. Third.

  43. Oh, damn internet.

  44. @dukeguy: “i could care less” is not sarcastic. it’s just a common idiom whose overall meaning has eclipsed that of its individual words.

    say what you mean, mean what you say – learn how to communicate.

  45. @the pompous retards who think “could care less” is a nonsense phrase used by lesser folk: “I could care less but I don’t care enough to do even that.”
    Or it could just be that people say it because “I could not care less” (which is an older expression) is a clumsy construction in the spoken language. No one really knows where it came from.
    If you think the idiom lacks clarity, try to imagine a case in which someone would use “I could care less” to mean “The amount I care is greater than zero.”
    If you can, you’re a jackass. If you can’t, STFU.

  46. @ 95. bbq burrito.
    The correct form is “I could not care less.” or “I couldn’t care less.”
    Saying “I could care less” means: I care ‘x’ amount, however, I could care ‘x’ – ‘y’.
    “I couldn’t care less” means: Because I do not care at all, it is impossible for me to care any less.
    I think what’s throwing you off is emphasizing the word “less” in the “I could care less” sentence. Try saying it “I COULD care less.” Ex. “My son is hanging around a questionable group of kids. I could care less, but as a mother I feel I should continue to care as much as I do currently.”
    “I couldn’t care less.” Ex.: “Do you want pepsi or coke?” “I couldn’t care less, just give me a drink.” Saying, “I’m totally indifferent to this subject, and the outcome makes no difference to me because I do not care about it.
    But thanks for being such an aggressive idiot.

  47. Actually when saying “I could care less…” it is supposed to be said sarcastically as in “I could care less” (I couldn’t possibly care any less).

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