Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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  1. Hehehe gotta give em points for being lame enough to stage that discussion

  2. I like the Death Star one only because those “93% of people won’t repost this, will you??” statuses are so stupid and annoying.

  3. Somebody make the obvious Frodo joke so I don’t have to.

  4. I love Star Wars 😀

  5. Frodo is Frodo

  6. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands

  7. I love when people who visit really random sites like this (lamebook) and take the time to post about how others have too much time on their hands. We’ve all accepted we could be doing better things with our time. Just accept it, djmonsta, we’re all time wasters… some of us are just better at it. Don’t be jealous.

  8. the first & last ones made me laugh.

  9. The first one is “meh” the last two I enjoyed. Also, lol, trufax @stever

  10. I actually really liked all of them in this post. Well done Lamebook.

  11. The Alderaan line amused me.

  12. kinda ok

  13. I’m almost positive the last one is fake.

  14. I AM positive the last one is fake. It was one of those “fictional Characters’ facebooks” things that Collegehumor does every so often.

  15. Maybe it’s because I’m a giant nerd, but I really liked these. 😀
    Obviously the last one is fake, dur. Still funny.

  16. Even though the last one was fake, it’s still pretty funny. But man, that Alderaan line was the best thing ever.

  17. Does Frodo have a pool in this one?

  18. WTF is with the first one, is it a ghetto harry potter or something?? LOTR one was good and the alderaan line kicks ass!

  19. purebs, go on youtube, search for bed intruder song.

    you’re welcome.

  20. evan, I thought that. Like those awesome ‘historical’ statuses they do every so often.

  21. This is why I blocked Gollum on FB. Gollum is Frodo.

  22. lmao@ #13 Dawn of the Dan – My thoughts exactly… Now we wait to see who calls you Wallace first

  23. Sam is Frodo, how very existential. My inner geek approves of all these.

  24. So you can run and tell DAT

  25. Alright, these actually made me laugh and smile. I’m not pissy anymore. 🙂

  26. The last one was fing funny…who cares what it is I needed that

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