Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Straight to the Point…

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  1. FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. First I’d like to thank god, my mom, Frodo, Wallace, Ben, BritishHobo and satan…

    Thank you

  3. These are not even a little funny. Especially the last one.

  4. Could do with a Nazi baby to liven things up.

    … and some Bieber/Twilight jokes.

  5. All I hear is in the comments is, whine.

  6. Sweet, I’m in the same league as Wallace 😀

    Also, without Google, we’d all be using fucking Bing, and that’s a world that doesn’t bear thinking about.

  7. Haven’t we sene the Carmen San Diego/Waldo one many a time before?

  8. Uuugh *seen
    I did NOT get enough sleep last night.

  9. last one is a quote from Pineapple Express…

  10. haha im sucking d

  11. Idk, Sean and Randy’s posts made me smile! Appreciate the little things people, because what if we didn’t have Lamebook for this kind of entertainment? I don’t know where I’d go for my daily online laugh… Like Dalton asked, what would it be like if there were no Lamebook? 😀

  12. These also made me laugh and smile…I think I’m actually calm enough to speak the way I normally do. Alright, mood changed. 😀

  13. i thought the first one was funny. I’m probably going to say that at least once in my life…. slash tomorrow.

  14. If Carmen Sandiego and Waldo had a kid and s/he got lost, the child would tell people who their mother was. The stranger would respond, of course, with:

    “Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”

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