Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Since they removed the poor nazi baby, I hope they also reported the parents and sent the picture on to the police.

  2. Darn, I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking sex for my grandparents at their graves. How disrespectful of me.

    I would love spotted dick, though the spots really mean it’s diseased. It’s actually not natural.

    I like that song, but I hate Emelie. I hope she isn’t really bulletproof. No use saving the likes of her kind.

  3. Yep, I officially hate people.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Isn’t that the definition of your name? Am I Wallace? and why is LB removing stuff that wasn’t bitched about by fat people?

  5. @ladyrisk – Oh, I’m sorry I actually did see the pic… I just meant that my imagination was going crazy about exactly why it was taken down… AND imagining different ways the parents of that child were being tortured/carved into…

    That picture was so fucked beyond words, at the time I was speechless… still a little speechless blah


    The Swastika and White Power were not “carved” or “Burned” or in anyway “scarification” as mentioned before. You can tell by the fading. Either it was writing or it’s like you can do on your arm with a pencil and create little red lines. CALM THE FUCK DOWN BITCHES.

  7. …looks like you should calm down a little… As was said before, EVEN if the child was not carved into the picture was still disgustingly effed up for numerous reasons.

    Seriously though, how do you know it was just written on? Nothing surprises me anymore in this world, so it’s just as likely that the parents thought scarification would be cool… I don’t know

  8. Xeno, have you ever even seen scarification shortly after it is done? because that is almost EXACTLY what it looks like, at least with one method. I don’t think it could have been burning.

  9. I’m glad the picture of that child was taken down too. That’s not funny, it’s just sad and horrible. I hope Lamebook suggested the submitter contact the appropriate authorities. That poor, poor child. I don’t know how anyone can feel so sure whether the writing was scratched in or drawn with a pen – I thought the picture was too fuzzy to tell the difference.

  10. I just want to see the picture so I can see if I could determine whether not the child was actually harmed. Put my medical skills to the test. I’m glad Lamebook came to their senses and realized how disturbing and obviously not funny something like that is, but what I really want to know is why they even considered posting it in the first place. If it was horrific enough to be taken down, what possessed them to put it up in the first place?

  11. Hmmm, usually LB photo’s follow a filename sequence which makes it pretty easy to see stuff they’ve taken down… not this time I see. Probably just as well though, comments about the baby photo aren’t exactly stellar.

  12. Putting aside all discussion of the poor baby itself, I’m pretty scared for the person who submitted the photo. Who sees a picture of a child with (apparently, I didn’t see it) a swastika and ‘White Power’ carved/written on its back, laying on some dingy, feral furniture, with… purple hands, and thinks ‘oh my GOD… I better send this to fucking Lamebook! :D’

  13. I’m so glad I missed the baby one. It’s disturbing even listening to you guys talk about it without having to see it.

    Ashley’s classy though!

  14. I missed the baby one as well. I didn’t even log on until recently and 50 comments were already up. Though, I agree with the others in saying I’m relieved to have missed it. It would’ve infuriated me.

  15. What is so bad about that tattoo? Other than the grammar, which seems intentional.
    Also I assume, given its position, that it means she’s now incapable of being impregnated.

  16. Bleeding bollocks, I missed a Nazi baby.

    I too once had spotted dick thanks to my dalliances with 13yr old lady-boys.

    Yep, that’s all I got, take it or fucking well leave it you nonces.

  17. spotted dick is a classic english dessert consisting of a steamed suet pudding served with custard. “spotted” refers to the fact that it contains currants, whereas “dick” derives from the german word for “thick” in reference to its viscous texture. i am outraged by the sheer levels of cultural ignorance, nay, xenophobia which compelled some mindless hate-filled individual to deem this in any way lame. i have reported this open display of racism and bigotry to the proper authorities, who i hope will take a heavy-handed approach to dealing with the perpetrators.

    i would like to add that spotted dick is delicious, though probably not best enjoyed out of a can. if anyone would like my aunt mary’s recipe, please contact me on the barefoot contessa forums (it just wouldn’t be appropriate here in light of the traumatic photograph above).

  18. also, if anyone wants missed the nazi baby, or would just like to see compromising pictures of various other babies with questionable political leanings, please get in touch via the barefoot contessa forum.

  19. @Paranoid – bleeding bollocks and spotted dick? I’d leave it thanks lol

  20. Got any communist babies? Fundamentalist Christian/Muslim babies (with backpacks)? Tea Party babies? Liberal PC do-gooders babies?

    Yeah, show me your political leanings, you nappy wearing, dummy sucking miniature person.

  21. now i’m not usually one to point the finger, but am i the only one thinking this paranoid android character sounds like a bit of a paedo?

  22. Bahahaha – Pedobear in the house.

    Now I’m not one to point the finger and call you a humour deficient fucktard but I will ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. well at least you find yourself funny. although the “bahahaha” and that yellow smiley do seem a little forced, even maniacal. you should probably just hand yourself in, it will be a real weight off your shoulders.

  24. *Swinging from rafters*

  25. *holds a net underneath* Wait, PA, do you want the net, the trampoline, or the rabid shark infested waters this time?

  26. Surprise me (hint: Nazi babies would be good)

  27. Gotcha. *places a net made up of neglected and mistreated Nazi babies and coat hangers underneath with sterilization shots* That should hold.

  28. Dammit! I didn’t see the Nazi baby one. But from your descriptions, if I close my eyes and touch myself inappropriately – I can just about imagine it. aahhh.

  29. Dang, did they take it down?

  30. DukeGuy. Close, but no cigar. In addition to that, you also have to wear a clown nose and honk it.

  31. I always do. You don’t want to know where I put the cigar, but it would even make Lewinsky blush.

  32. #33 mad2physicist, if you even see this since it’s so far down here, the “u with a hat” is ALT + 150.

  33. I imagine I do know…*winks*

    รป cute. :3

  34. the caption on the first picture is epic.

  35. that first girl is awful. I’m writing an apology for her from her grandpa on http://www.srslysorry.com . haha.

  36. I wish I saw the baby. I really hope you guys are not calling abuse because someone wrote on the baby. If so, you must be the same ones that scream about any little girl in a 2 piece bathing suit is a slut in training….I think we need to calm down. Racism sucks, but why don’t you go fight for something instead of getting self righteous on lamebook?

  37. Ooh irony

  38. #85 The baby had a swastika and “white power” on its back. It looked a bit like it was cut into the skin, instead of just written on it. That’s why people were so upset.

  39. vincent – you are probably one of the more cunt-like trolls I’ve seen on this website. Android is right – show us the links to the other politically affiliated babies. I really could have cared less what was written on the baby’s back, BUT THE SHIT LOOKED CARVED..

    As for the spotted dick thing, ignorance doesn’t equal a dirty mind.. One can laugh at anything even if they know what it really means. Quit being a tool

  40. Valenya, you think that about vinnie? Really? He’s taking the piss. Can’t you see that?

    … barefoot contessa forums… ahahahahahaha…

    I like him. Sorry.

  41. Hey Valenya why don’t you chill the fuck out?
    word my lady! How are you? Long time no talk

  42. For some reason talking about Barefoot Contessa rubbed me the wrong way! I must apologize

  43. I’m sorry :X Don’t apologize ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. High, Zoned. All good Down Under, baby, and regards to your good self from me.

    Valenya, The BC is fat, but she cooks great food, and lives in an awesome location, by the looks. I can deal. Also, I’ve a teeny crush on vinnie, so I’m a biased observer.

  45. lol, Okay so maybe I’m just jealous of the BC b/c she’s always able to have yummy brunches….

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