Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parental Problems

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  1. mad2, I just watched it. Whoa, baby. A big-tittied blind woman… a thieving axeman with a huge cock… a dirty, dancing brown bear loving himself in the background…

    Well, okey dokey, I’m done for the evening. Keona, you should watch it. It’s long, 10+ minutes, but, it’s porn, so I stuck with it.

  2. Take care, word. I’m beginning to watch it now.

  3. I’m not sure what language is being spoken. Sounds maybe Russian. Pretty hot, for now.

  4. Awh, a cute animation. 🙂 That made me get the old Kleenex box out again.

  5. Forgot to add, they all got what they wanted in the end.*

  6. Swedish.

  7. You must have an ear for deciphering different tongues.

  8. No, I read it, I think on the regretsy discussion (hence their reference ti Ikea), I suck at languages, both learning them and determining them. Although Swedish is related to English as both are Germanic languages, and Russian is something quite distinct. So one ought to have an easier time…

  9. Oh. <~ Needs to read moar.

  10. What the fuck. That is all.

  11. @wordpervert – that sounds awesome. I spread the word when i like stuff, call it my mission, aso check this out http://www.srslysorry.com

  12. lol Hawkbit

  13. Becky needs to learn that parents who work their asses off to support their kids but can’t financially pull it off don’t deserve a middle finger. And I really hope her friend isn’t teaching their kids how to speak, read, OR spell. License to breed.

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