Friday, March 2, 2012

Nicely Done!

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  1. I don’t get the God Thompson one. Can someone explain?

  2. Scott isn’t a genius; he’s a virgin.

  3. You make that sound like a bad thing.

  4. @crustylovelips: Yeah, a virgin AND a retard. Have you ever browsed the Craigslist personals and seen the number of whales and banged-up gorgons on there who call themselves “hot”? Good luck, little Scotty.

  5. Not to get all technical, but when Netflix receives a movie back, they open the envelope, take the DVD out to check and make sure the right one was removed, put the sleeve back into a new envelope. So it would take a miracle for a warehouse worker not to find the note first and toss it. But hey, I applaud the effort…

  6. Commish, what if the warehouse worker is a “hot chick”?

  7. @beatus, but the premise is that not only are they HOT but they SELECTED that movie (ie they have the same taste in movies).

    Otherwise he should have written “Dear Netflix sort-wench, if you are hot, call me. You like to receive Netflix movies, I like to send them back, we have so much in common.”

  8. What I’m getting at is what if the Netflix sort wench is a Lamebook troll, and he/she decides to troll Scott in real life? THAT would be awesome.

  9. God Thompson cracked me up.

  10. mangofruitpunch

    WTF is God Thompson?

  11. It’s just a random joke. No reference to anything as far as I’m aware.

  12. That works Ed

  13. I’m happy that I was not the only one that didn’t get it. Thanks Bradles.

  14. I guess the Thompson joke is kind of sardonic. It works, to. Kudos to the man or woman who can take away from the hypocritical cunts who try to derive a joke from the pettiest of sources in the vain attempt to gain a little attention.

  15. God, has Lamebook caved into the mighty Netflix mass media marketing?

    Netflix is so annoying, advertisments everywhere. Plus #1 wasnt even funny, so wouldnt be surprised if Lamebook got paid.


  16. butterscotchcandy

    Netflix still mails DVDs?

  17. ^ Yes. Not all titles are available for streaming. Most of the good stuff is DVD only.

  18. The god thompson joke is the best one up .there. I thought it was pretty funny

  19. i don’t even have anything to insult you commenting idiots about, nor do i have anything to say over these retarded posts. so i’ll just start with this : Eat Bananas for health.

  20. ^Nah. I think it would be healthier if I just beat you to death. Healthier for me.

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