Tuesday, June 15, 2010

world cUPDATES

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  1. To go back to an earlier point, WWI started with Austria-Hungary invading Serbia after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (not the band, unfortunately). Then Russia started mobilizing its forces, and Germany, as Austria-Hungary’s ally, logically reacted by declaring war on France. Which they followed up by invading Luxembourg. So Austria-Hungary made the initial declaration, Russia the first mobilization of forces and Germany the first actual invasion. I’ve memorized the entire timeline for every major European war since 1700, and did not at all depend on Wikipedia for the above pedantry 😛

  2. I’m pretty sure the last one is homemade from a computer game.

    For a start, Germany haven’t played Nigeria, or Niger, or anyone that’s not Australia…

  3. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Why in the world would you lot argue about various ball games on Lamebook of all places?

  4. @wordpervert #75.. as to you saying that there is no fun undertones in my shit stirring, i beg to differ.. whats funny to one doesn’t have to be funny to another.. i don’t often take myself seriously, though at times people seem to take me to seriously. i choose who i shit stir based on who seems most obnoxious or pretentious.. the thing i take most seriously is pushing the buttons of those i’ve chosen to wind up..
    perhaps you’ve seen a similar opportunity in myself.. which may be why you slipped in a few condescending comments directed at me… thats fine.. ill cop them on the chin, as i understand where you’re coming from.. and you’ve not come across as a twat in your other comments ive read..
    though you do seem pretty ignorant with your ideas about footy(aussie rules), you are living in a dream world to call it soft.. there is as much or more “skill” and “finesse” in aussie rules as there is SOCCER.. i have played both at maybe not high levels, but definitely above average levels.. and there is no doubt whatsoever which is a tougher sport to play… it is easier on the body playing a SOCCER game, than half a game of footy.. it also takes far more strategy and concentration playing footy.. i don’t know why the fuck im writing all this.. fk maybe i did take your comment way to seriously.. anyway ao1chtra is a fkn nob thanks for your thoughts and stick em up ur ass..

  5. Do you know, I’ve been won over entirely by your endless charm. I used to think you were a stereotypical US douchebag but now you’ve flamed like this I recognise I am totally wrong.

    I’m off to cry in a corner. Forgive me if I am too upset to reply in kind with puerile vitriol.

  6. @ titsonabull, actually the oldest football club is sheffield f.c. formed in 1857, proper football

  7. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh my, what have I started..

  8. Wow my picture is getting around haha. Yes its Niger v Germany. Hence the player in the orange kit. I’ve wanted to do that for ages but nigeria are always NGR. Never Nig. But WC2010… result.

  9. …hockey isn’t boring.
    Neither is this thread, it’s entertained me for the last 20 minutes! Thanks guys!
    I personally call ‘soccer’ football; it makes more sense. But here in Canada, we generally call it soccer, and to do any different would reak chaos. Soccer isn’t too big here, but the World Cup is (and the rivalries…Canada’s soccer team pretty much sucks, and isn’t even in the World Cup as far as I know, so everyone here is rooting for other countries) it’s real fun.

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