Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekday Wins Part 1

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  1. Love the 1st one!

  2. Because you know, no one who like Star Wars has ever had sex…*rolls eyes*

  3. Fake.

  4. Is Bangladesh considered Southeast Asia?

  5. It’s not even necessarily about liking Star Wars. It’s a motherfucking light sabre.
    The nerd in me rejoices.

  6. fuck me!(←not really, not even if you beg.)
    what IS it with you ‘merkins and dismal failings in basic world geography?

    while you are technically correct, beatus, bangladesh is indeed in south CENTRAL asia, your apparent disregard of the malays, cambodians, thais, vietnamese, burmese, koreans, indonesians, taiwanese ET AL who produce most of your over-priced consumer disposables are indeed in southeast motherfucking asia.

    what a stupid straw-man, beatus.
    hang yo’ fucking head, boy.

  7. Korea is in Southeast Asia? Really? Who sucks at Geography?

  8. damn.

  9. south korea?

  10. I did a report on Bangladesh a million years ago in high school. That country has an interesting history. Yes, I do know where it is, and I know that it used to be called East Pakistan until they won their independence in 1971. I should have said, “Israel,” instead, just to make my “blunder” more obvious.

  11. heh. I was gonna put ‘canada’ in the list, just for shits and giggles.

  12. Why not? They make good hats.

  13. Fucking wank stains, the lot of you.

  14. btw, yes beatus, I got it. very good.

    but, by that logic, mexico is your undies.
    you keep your cojones in mexico?

  15. Yes. The Baja Peninsula is our penis.

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