Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hail Yeah!

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  1. sleet!

  2. Emily, I know you’re reading this. Why the hail did you put this crap on Lamebook?

  3. In Soviet Russia, cab hail you.

  4. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Fourth, maybe fifth!
    I’m Monsoon Moon, comin’ at’cha!

  5. I don’t get it.

  6. who the hell is hail?

    who are all these try hard dicks?

    why is this not funny?

  7. Um..yeah the ‘in’ jokes with your friends – the kind of ‘you had to be there’ scenarios don’t really work.

  8. PS – Love the name Bill.I.Am

  9. “I’m hailing this over to Lamebook.”

    You are haila lame, Emily.

  10. @6 hail is a form of weather.
    They’re not trying hard. You’re just blessed in the head. It IS funny. You’re just not. 🙂 I think I made my point.

  11. haillelujah, glad that one’s over

  12. That was utter shit.

  13. Walter Sobchak

    How many times can we replace the words “hell,” “haul” and….. “hail” with the word “hail?” 10? Yay!

  14. ben

  15. I agree with Fanny-Anne, this is the kind of story that you are barely able to tell people cause you’re laughing so hard only to be greeted by blank stares.

    Maybe it was funny to them, but seemed like a joke that was a bit of a stretch even before they went all Stretch Armstrong on it.

  16. I think you have forgotten that Lamebook is for stupid lame ass stuff, not just funny things. Although, I’m not sure if Emily posted this. There is no “delete” button, and that, albeit horrible conversation rolled pretty quickly, so I’m guessing someone else posted it making Emily look Lame.

  17. That was basically two jokes repeated 5 times each, and neither one of them was funny. I want to believe whoever submitted it did so because they thought it was lame, but I think we all know better than that.

  18. I think I just caught stupid from this post…

  19. …I guess I’m the only one that thought this was funny.

  20. I know the name of this website is “LAMEbook” and this submission certainly quilifies as Lame….but isn’t it also supposed to be funny….and not completely mind-numbing?

  21. I agree with Demarion, you are the only one finding it funny.
    I also agree with timmyjay17, BEN!

  22. Aw, ass. Guess I’m the only one with a childish sense of humour.

  23. i love malteaser too

    Right now, the adverts on my lb page that have fugly females with volleyballs inside their shirts instead of breasts are what seem more interesting.

  24. It’s lame in a boring, non-entertaining, kind of way.

  25. @10, itss carmennnn

    um, i think if you read every other comment you’ll find no one thought this was funny, so it’s you who’s funny in the head. or perhaps you’re one of the lame people involved with the status? god i hope not.

  26. Terrible. The rock one was better.

  27. Lame as shit.

  28. Utter shit. Try again Lamebook…

  29. shut up emily. god!

  30. MsBuzzkillington

    Another reference to lamebook. Geesh. I now know how to get my submissions posted. Just going to start adding “Smile you’re on candid lamebook.”

  31. Get the HAIL out of here spambots.

  32. JustAnotherAsian

    Emily is one hail of a frodo.

  33. I went to confession after reading this post, and my penance is 50 Hail Marys.

    A fitting punishment I think, for wasting my time with this post.

  34. lol

  35. Who's That Girl?

    I felt like this post was completely unworthy of any commentary from me. But Word has managed to be the only funny thing about this post. Must give credit where credit is due.

  36. I’m all like… “whatever!”

  37. What the hail are they all babbling about?

  38. Know why you shouldn’t throw ice at people?

    It hurts like HAIL!

  39. Dear Lamebook,

    the idea here is to post funny things illustrating the stupidity of Facebook users – not to be lame yourself. And this is lame – incredibly lame. and not remotely funny.


  40. I hate when someone mentions Lamebook in the status message. It’s the equivalent to “Hahaha, that was so funny! I’m totally sending this to America’s Funniest Videos!”. Makes you sound like an ass.

  41. Wow . . . . . . . .

  42. Haha The Crucible

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