Monday, May 3, 2010

Laughing All the Way

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  1. @Who’s That Girl? – Mental retardation is usually a secondary symptom of CP. Not everyone diagnosed with CP is going to be stupid. There were a few kids with CP in my High School, and they were all in advanced classes. They certainly walked like retards, though.

    Also, lol at “their not very bright”.

  2. Who's That Girl?

    Hahahahaha – “their not very bright” – I’m a winner! Thanks fealkj!

  3. eh, interesting his pin has 6 numbers in it…

  4. Walter Sobchak

    Soup, I took your advice in #6 and locked my ATM card in a small safe that I keep under my pillow. But then I realized the safe code is the same as my PIN. Bugger!

    I think it’s going to be ok though. I just pushed my wife down the stairs.

    P.S. I don’t think I have expressed displeasure with your humour in the past, have I? I think I expressed displeasure at having to read about 45 comments congratulating you on your push-pregnant-girlfriend-down-the-stairs joke. I didn’t have a problem with the joke itself.

  5. It took me all day to figure out what “aut” meant.

    but now that I know I’m going to start using it in everyday sentences:

    Seacrest aut!!

  6. so what does aut mean? autistic?

  7. Ahhh the ending made my day.

    @ any person that is confused

    Aut= OUT jeeez!

  8. Walt, the irony of what happened that day with his joke, is while I gave Soup his due now, I was one who DIDN’T that day.

    I prefer delayed gratification.

  9. You Got Doddified

    that IS very similar…*
    Thats What She Said needs apostrophes*
    that’s again*
    Google is a proper noun*
    your site is utter shit*
    you are frodo*
    in the butt*

  10. @Who’s That Girl

    There is a girl with cerebral palsy in my class at law school so no, I don’t usually associate cerebral palsy with being “not that bright”.

  11. Who's That Girl?

    @EmKitteh…errr…did I say Cerebral Palsy? I meant circumcised coloured chicken penis puzzle.

  12. danny is actually not autistic or has CP, hes actually just fucking stupid.
    him and “Pqualine” have broken up and gotten back together about 30 times.
    everytime this happens there is about 45 status updates which clogs up everyones homepage.
    mind you, if you were to see Dannys face you could not be blamed for thinking he was retarded.

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