Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Baby!

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  1. Just make sure “babi” doesn’t flunk English in high school and that will be progress.

  2. littleredcorvette

    And I bet mama looks even better elbow deep in baby shit, too bad we’ll never see THOSE photos.

  3. mama’s fugly…and I’m semi-drunk so she should look goodish

  4. No no no no noooooooo!

    But at least #1 didn’t throw $1 bills on baby and be all “Oh I’m such a high class stripper throwing my ass crack dollars all over my newborn baby’s face!”
    They had the good sense to pick a denomination of currency that actually is considered valuable.

    And who calls their child a bitch? That [insert any/all of imamofo/cheezuschrist’s rants here].

  5. That’s probably not his child.

  6. People who annoy you…

  7. Actually, squatting on the toilet makes her look like shit.

  8. wtf is with people throwing money on their babies. Do you know how filthy money is ? Bacteria, viruses, and spores; you might as well dump your garbage on them.

  9. win7ermute, bacteria viruses and spores are the least. Did you know that the most common substance found on money is sperm? Probably closely followed by cocaine…

  10. Another reason why they should test (like classroom exam test) and screen people pre-reproduction. If they can slice people out from being doctors, lawyers by exams like MCAT and LSAT, they should have a ParentalCAT of some sort

  11. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I thought the mom was the one who had to shit before I read the caption more carefully.

  12. I like chocolate.

  13. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I like my chocolate without nuts.

  14. Alitsia88 – Sperm? Are people wanking with cash or onto cash?

  15. Stop putting money on babies. They never win the race.

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